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Mapping a drive in Win 2000

By k4k ·
on Win 2000 Domain, i have a bunch of users in a Domain Local group called Leaders.

i want to MAP a local drive to a drive in file server each time when these users logs in. how do i do this using login scripts, i don't see login scripts option for groups.

is there any better way to do this without using login scripts ?

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by carlos.nino In reply to Mapping a drive in Win 20 ...

If you want to avoid using scripts, you can. All you need to do is be sure that your clients can see the server's shared drive and THEY will map it by themselves. If the client can see the shared drive, just right click on it and choose Map Network drive. Then choose the local drive letter for the mapping and mark the option "Connect again when session starts" (please excuse if the sentence is not exact, I'm translating from spanish OS).
That's it.

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by kmcniff In reply to Mapping a drive in Win 20 ...

When the Windows 2000-based computer starts as a domain controller, the folder that is shared as NETLOGON is SYSVOL path\SYSVOL\DomainName\Scripts by default.

Create the login script here and include the following lines in the script:
net use X: \\servername\sharename (where X: is the drive letter you want to use for this mapping)

I do not recommend using the /Persistant switch in a login script. This is because if you want to change these drive mappings, you do not have to test and remove any other mappings. I also set the local security policy to only allow Administrators to create permanant shared objects to prevent the user from creating these in Windows Explorer (under map network drive) and stepping on the mappings that I want in the login script. Name the script something like Leaders.cmd. Create an OU for the Leaders and place all of the users in this OU. This is the easiest way to set a GPO for these users. Then Create a GPO for this OU and include this script in the GPO.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Mapping a drive in Win 20 ...

Check out the KIX Utility KIXtart using this utility you can make logon scripts to map drives dependent upon group membership.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Mapping a drive in Win 20 ...

Another option is to use the IFMEMBER.EXE program from the Windows Resource Kit. You can use this to see if a user account is a member of the group. If so, then you can do an IF ELSE statement to map the drive for the group members.

You can get the tool free from Microsoft.
No, really, for free!
(please remove any spaces)

And here is a page talking about the syntax and using it to do stuff like what you want:

hope this helps

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