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Mapping a drive over the internet?

By joe.fusco ·
I know how to share and map a drive in Windows XP on the same network. I also know that with Windows file & printer sharing, the two computers have to be on the same router. What I would like to be able to do is to map a folder on a remote computer - not even in the same building - to a local drive and switch which remote folder is mapped to that drive.

Here's the setup. We have 9 remote locations that run clinical management software. Each clinic has a Windows 2003 SBS running that contains the database. Each workstation maps a drive, through WFPS, that is referred to (presumably to point to the database) when performing a workstation install of the software.

At the corporate office, our data processing dept. uses Remote Desktop to log on to each of the servers and run the software from that server to generate reports. This brings its own problems, not the least of which is printing to the local printer from the remote server.

If there were a way to map the X: drive to a clinic server, install the software locally and reference X: as the server location, and run the software without using RDP, that would make life much easier. It would also be helpful to be able to switch the mapping of X: from clinic 1 to clinic 2 to clinic 3, etc.

So, how do I map a drive to a folder on a server on a remote network?

Joe Fusco

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by Pete Russell In reply to Mapping a drive over the ...

" So, how do I map a drive to a folder on a server on a remote network? "

You will need to setup an VPN between the offices, You can either use routers at each office with vpn software built in or go with a software solution such as openvpn from, They have good documentation on there site.

Once you have a vpn setup between the offices you can map the drives to folders as if they where on the local network.

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by Pete Russell In reply to
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Help !

by kunwar87 In reply to

Hey pete hi,,,
the link u have suggested does not exist any wud be gr8 if u help me with the steps here itself...
i m in a mess.. need help urgently...

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Want to know about ITnetwork and some programme and Mapdrive

by chhomsotheara.chhin In reply to Mapping a drive over the ...

If i can do it, after that i will explain to my freints and the poor prople around the world.

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by kunwar87 In reply to Mapping a drive over the ...

hi there...
were u able to do wat u asked for in ur post..
if yes... can u please b kind to write the steps here.. n if nt.. till where did u reach.. lets move ahead together.....

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map a remote drive over Internet is very hard, but...

by jacky2000 In reply to Mapping a drive over the ...

Map a remote drive over the Internet usually does not work. Firewalls/routers/anti-virus software almost always block it. If it is not blocked, the server might be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Instead of mapping a remote drive to your own server, you can more easily map DriveHQ cloud storage as a remote drive. Detailed instructions can be found online at:

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