Mapping drive in Vista

By Rmaksood ·
I have 3 computers. 2 of them have XP pro and one have Vista business edition on it. I am trying to map hard drive in to vista. I can see Vista hard drive from XP but unable to access it, even though Vista hard drive is allowed to share. Also I can?t map any XP?s drive to vista. I can ping XP machine?s from vista but can?t map it. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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by Rmaksood In reply to Mapping drive in Vista
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Tried this...didn't work! Help!

by davidboyer In reply to Solution

Rmaksood- After installing the Microsoft software you recommended, I can no longer even SEE my Vista computer on my home network. I, like the other guy, have spent HOURS trying to fix this (map a Vista drive from XP). Any other thoughts?

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very simple

by che_mon In reply to Mapping drive in Vista

just copy pest all your data in vista public folder and see the maigc you can share that from any other system no matter even if it is Windows XP, All though you can not MAP Drive however can share data...

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network wizard

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Mapping drive in Vista

First thing, check to see if you've created a shared folder in Vista. If there's nothing to find, you can't map to it. And, the built in "shared documents" has never allowed anyone to "map" to it. It's just plain available to see on the network.

Now, on the Vista machine, use the network setup wizard to create a small home/office network. If you have a router, use the "other" type of internet access option so it leads you through finding it properly. Near the end, it will ask you if you want to turn on file and printer sharing. Answer yes. In WinXP, there was a bug where it didn't get turned on correctly even if you thought you had the network settings manually set properly. Vista may well be the same way... somehow, it doesn't get it right during install. Once that is done, you should be able to map to a shared folder.

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i am having the same problem

by scfilove1 In reply to network wizard

i have tired everything everyone said to do on this posting but i am still unable to get my xp to see the shared drives from vista

help please

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