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    Mapping Drive


    by kareemade ·

    Please how can i mapped a user to some drive in such way that any user that logon to the system will see the mapped drive.

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      There are several ways to achieve this solution. One method would be a login script and use the NET USE command to map a drive for each user.

      If you could provide more information, perhaps I could offer a better solution.

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      by haileyan ·

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      If you are on a Windows Domain you can add the following line to your login script:

      Net use F: \\host_name\share_name

      If you are not on a domain create a text file named map.bat. Place the command above in the batch and place the batch file in the StartUp folder of tha All Users Profile.

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      by Anonymous ·

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      Create the batch file as above, put it in the startup folder, and if you are using profiles copy the current user profile to the default user profile. This then covers new users who log in who will get that profile. All users does the same and I guess it may be easier. You could also use the logon_script tab in the Active Directory setup, if you have AD available to apply the same, and you can then apply it to PCs in a selected container via group policy.

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