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Mapping excel data to powerpoint charts for automatic update, Possible???

By jnoonan ·

We have a master excel sheet that we keep our monthly stats for our website on. We turn this data into charts and place those charts in powerpoint presentations for management each month.

It would be really awesome if updating the excel document could automatically update the charts in the powerpoint presentation. (link them in some way)

Is this possible?

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it would be really awesome if you'd post version info

by sgt_shultz In reply to Mapping excel data to pow ...

but can't excel 'send to' powerpoint? (yes, depending on your version, see?) so make a macro and look at the code. does that help you? post back with info on exactly how you want this to work. you can probably run the code to run on the 'update' event of a cell in excel...

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Yes, it's possible

by pc_redes In reply to Mapping excel data to pow ...

On your excel charts, select one, then right click and copy.
Go to your powerpoint file and in a new slide or where you want your chart go to Home tap at the top and click in the little paste down arrow and click on paste especial...
By default Paste is selected and Microsoft Office Graphic Object too, just click in OK and thats it.
All the data that you change in excel that changes that chart will be automatically change it in powerpoint.

Hope you understand my explanation

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by manzarg In reply to Yes, it's possible

Buddy in case if you are deriving your charts from pivot....how it would be possible to update it.....since many charts are derived from the pivot using the filters...say for xample pivot represents sales figure of 3 product monthwise for past 4 years.....now with the help of pivot u can create 4 charts each showing sales figure for 1 year..........now you have four charts out of a single pivot by changing the filters........and if there is changes in the base data sheet for year 2010 & 2009 (FOR EXAMPLE) before clicking on update on the chart in ur pwerpoint presentation you would need to adjust the pivot filters so that it represent the same year data.....if u dont then it may happen that in the base xcel pivot is displaying sales figure for year 2009 and in powerpoint u want to update chart showing sales figure for 2010 and you click update file......your chart will get updated according to the pivot data which is showing sales figure for 2009 and hence false data would be displayed...........how can we solve this issue

If u have few charts then its ok you can everytym change pivor filters bfore updating the chart on powerpoint but in case if you are dealing with 100 - 200 charts it would be really difficult........hope you can help me on this

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Mapping excel data to powerpoint charts for automatic update, Possible???

by nisegy3 In reply to Mapping excel data to pow ...

Yes. YOu create a chart in that master excel sheet itself. When you ever update the data in excel sheet chart would get updated in the excel sheet automatically. when presentation time comes, just copy paste the chart from excel sheet to power point presentation.

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Reponse To Answer

by valeriestiles In reply to Mapping excel data to pow ...

Why can't i get the excel data to look "cool" in powerpoint once i have mapped it? It works perfectly as far as reflecting what is in the master excel sheet but i'd like for it to have a more sleek look than just an ordinary excel database.

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