Mapping folder permissions

By JosiahB ·
My current role as a network administrator is made more difficult than it should be because at present I haven't got an accurate map of who has access to what.

The network has a huge number of files and folders on it and going through one by one to see which user groups have access is a laborious and long winded process. I wondered if anyone knew of anything which may be able to help?

We're running Windows 2000 Server.

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by symon.l In reply to Mapping folder permission ...

Dont know if its possible to get a list of policies on a the files and folders with Server 2k I know there is a "snap in" for Server 2003 weither or not they have done anything like this for 2000 i really couldnt say.

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Snap in

by JosiahB In reply to .

Do you know what the S2003 snap in is called? might give me a starting point at least :)

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Folder permissions

by ebouza In reply to Mapping folder permission ...

My first step would be to talk to all the department heads and ask them to give you a list of folders which they use on a daily basis, after getting that then you have a general idea of who uses what and you can start setting folder permissions.

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Already set

by JosiahB In reply to Folder permissions

the folder permissions are all already set, but no record was kept of what gets access to what. This is what I'm trying to sort.

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Folder permissions

by ebouza In reply to Mapping folder permission ...

I know if you go to My Computer and right click and select manage, when the dialog box opens there is a shares folder if you expand it you will be able to see all the shares and also all the open files. This might get you on the right track.

Hope this helps you, let me know.

Erick B

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