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Mapping Sequence Diagram into Vb code

By il11ry ·
Hi all;
There is a question sleeps with me everyday about UML..
Maybe the answer of my question is very simple from your
perspective. ..but it is very complicated more than I
So let's begin..
#1:The first stage in software process such as RUP or
whatever is drawing usecase diagram.
#2:We write use case specification document.
#3:We do usecase analysis for each usecase,then we
gonna look for initial classes such as boundary,control,
entity classes and there attributes and relations among
them by following these rules:
-one control class for each usecase
-one boundary class for each communication per
-one or more entity for each usecase
#4:In design Stage,we find and illustrate the Methods for
each class through sequence diagram.
#5: CODE!!
In the implementation stage the programmer looks in
database diagram then he is gonna design the database
tables with SQLserver
after that he is gonna drag and drop these
tables into VB form <<WIZARD>>then he will get full
operational application within minutes without looking in
Sequence Diagram!!
<< I mean in simple applications> > ..even he ian't follow
the Bondary,Control,Entity rules
My question is HOW could we map those diagrams
literally into VB.NET code??
please help me because I have a final year graduation
project and the stupid IT teachers want me do all of above
even they don't know how to draw usecase diagram!! and
they want me to make a strong relation between Sequence
diagram and vb code.
My Regards

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Well the idea

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Mapping Sequence Diagram ...

is you generate code to create classes, interfaces etc from the UML, stub out the methods.

The idea that you can get a working application in minutes from UML is a dumb *** academic pipe dream though.

If it was fairly trivial and you did a pseudo code to target language code generator, you might end up with something that sort of looked right while being very flakey and incredibly inefficient.

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UML tutorials!!

by il11ry In reply to Well the idea

I've googled a lot of uml tutorials over the internet and
I've read a lot of UML books such as "Applying UML and
Patterns" and "Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling
With Uml " but unfortunately ALL of these tutorials and
books that I've read stopped and finished on Sequence
there is no tutorial or book discuss how to writing code
from UML or how to apply boundary,control,entity
,model,view ,controller,bla,blabla....
even the RUP experts have no specific answer
Then I concluded that UML diagrams make the kids happy
before sleeping!!
Thank you MR. Tony Hopkinson for the reply

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