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Mapping Wireless Coverage

By andre.kohler ·
I am presently working with a wireless network in a warehouse environment. We are having issues with the connection being very flaky with no real reason to why. Does anyone know of any wireless mapping tools that would be able to give me any type of a GUI representation of what our wireless coverage is? We are presently running Windows 2000 and XP pro with a G and PreN wireless network.


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Is this what you need?

by jmgarvin In reply to Mapping Wireless Coverage

It is a graphical AP finding tool that gives you basic information. If you have a GPS device, you can plug that in and get geograpical coordinates of the AP.

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flaky because of AP overlap

by floyd.temeyer In reply to Mapping Wireless Coverage

Your flaky connections could be because your access point signals overlap and they are not on different channels. See for a chart that visually shows how you can arrange channels on your access points to prevent same channel overlap.

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Connections Flakey

by tony In reply to Mapping Wireless Coverage

How exactly are the clients acting flakey and what are the clients? If your getting slow connections or some able to login then not login and your standing right under an access point check two things and you'll get your answer.

1. Verify the access points are powered on, while troubleshooting I've found that some access points lose power somehow and no one notices except for poor performance.
2. The number one, by far, problem I find is that the ethernet connection to the network is lost on one access point by a bad cable or sometimes the Ethernet port goes bad.

The default on Cisco's and Symbol Access points was to fallback to router and fallback to WAP mode if connection fails, this, in old access points, routes all the traffic to other access points and just kills performance.

Check you coverage with Netstumbler, then I would console into the access points and check. the problem with Eth going bad is that everything checks out with pings and coverage.


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