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Marketing calls

By JamesRL ·
As a manager, I get all kinds of calls. Sometimes switchboard puts them through to me, though why I am so lucky I don't know. I don't have a gatekeeper, I'm not important enought for an admin.

The one today though took the cake.

First off she started off a little too familiar; "James, you are a hard man to reach, harder to get to than George Bush". Now one of the things that raised a flag was that it sounded like a pickup line. And her accent was distinctively southern US, when most of our offices in the US I deal with are in Oregon or Illinois.

So it was clear she was trying to imply she knew me or I knew her. Big mistake, as my first reaction is to try and place her.

Then she introduces herself and her company(which I've never heard of). She proceeds to thank me for filling in a customer responce card from "the magazine".

Well red lights go off. I do NOT fill in those cards. I have done the occasional online survey, but I avoid those cards as the address gathering spamming tools they are. I haven't filled in one of those cards in 5 years.

I suggest there must be a mistake, I haven't filled in a card. She cuts me off and insists I did.

This is where I lose it. I don't normally hang up on telemarketers, I did the job myself once, but this woman was clearly trying to deceive me.

I hung up the phone, without saying goodbye.

Does anyone think these tricky tactics work on IT executives? Do they think we are stupid?


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Calls of the Wild

by jc2it In reply to Marketing calls

I figure these guys are wolves. I get a call like you have described at least twice a month. The other big one is the guys trying to sell me toner at ten times the going rate. For this reason I only buy items from vendors that I have a long-standing relationship with.

Before I was in IT management I was a Purchasing Agent and these types of calls were constant, like 2-3 per week. The one I hate the most is where they act like they are your long lost brother and they are going to send you a fishing pole for dealing with them in the future.

I hang up on them, because they are crooks.

If you want my business then don't start out by lying to me! :0

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Have fun with them.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Marketing calls

Most of the ones I get have NY / NJ accents and are trying to sell me toner, screen wipes, keyboard cleaner; well, you know the type of stuff.

One company had it's leech, uh, employee tell me, "I'm going to be in your area next week visiting some other companies, and I'd like to send you a dozen toner cartridges to try. If you don't like them, I'll pick them up next week." I went into a routine the tourism board would have loved. Flying or driving? Yeah, that Charlotte airport is mutha. Where are you staying? Oh, that's a great hotel, try the restaurant. Do you know how to get to my workplace from there? Let me give you directions. (Ten minutes worth of directions that will result in her being at a Lake Murray boat ramp.) Have you ever been to (insert local tourist attraction here)? Oh, you'd love it. Who's the other company you're coming to see? Maybe I know someone over there.

Ask a bunch of BS questions just to listen to them try to hold up their end of the conversation. Insert phony information and see if they bite on it. Ask if they'd like to meet for lunch. Nicely ask to speak to their supervisor and jerk his chain some too. At some point, tell them you have to go but you'd like their number so you can call them right back. Then point out the errors in the conversation and see if you can hang up before they do. If they were dumb enough to give their number, call back and make their life a living ****.

I realize they're trying to make a living. So are puppy mills, drug pushers, and child pornographers.

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I like your style Palmetto

by MarkWAliasQ In reply to Have fun with them.
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That's Beautiful

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Have fun with them.

Too perfect!
I love the ones that have a "FREE gift to bring you" and want your home address to send it to. I'll use your tactic next time.

I typically respond that all purchasing is done by our corporate headquarters and then hang up ('cause we don't have one).

It amazes me that unscrupulous sales tactics like this continue. They must get enough takers to make it profitable. Are there that many doofuses in charge of purchasing? Wait... don't answer dat... I know a few.

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"Best" cold call I ever got.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to That's Beautiful

I answer the phone and the bimbo goes into her spiel. She's telling me the great price I can get on ribbons and toner for my HP LJ 4Vs, my C. Itoh CI 5000s, my Printronics P300, etc. All of these are printer models that we had in house at the time.

Like you, I referred her to a non-existant corporate purchasing office. I went to ask the new receptionist not to transfer calls to me unless they asked for me by name. She said she would do that, but thought it odd that the same person had called several different departments that morning. I asked around, and it turned out the scab had called most departments and asked what model of printer they had, then hung up.

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Give them a taste of their own medicine

by rob_annable In reply to Have fun with them.

I normally humour them for about 30 seconds and sound interested then say "uh hang on just a sec will you..." and put the phone on the desk without muting or holding and then leave it till they hang up. Bizarrely I don't get many calls like this at home or work anymore...

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not at work

by Shellbot In reply to Marketing calls

i'm lucky enough that i don't have to take any of those type of calls.

but at thats a different story.
used to get 3-4 calls a night sometimes..

surveys..long distance call, internet providers..and the list goes on...

at first i was polite..after a month or 2, i just started hanging up immediatly.

i thought it was less rude to hang up..this way your not wasting thier time and they can get onto the next call :)

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Opt Out

by MarkWAliasQ In reply to not at work

Trying going here
and adding your name. It works for some people.

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not really work here

by Shellbot In reply to Opt Out

you can tell them not to call you again, and it stops them for like 6 months..then they call back..

well i've sorted it now though..we moved and i don't have a landline now :)

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Shellie, way off topic question

by CharlieSpencer In reply to not really work here

Where did you get a picture of my cat???

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