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Mass File Type Association Changes

By James Goerke ·
I have a client who has about 600 MB of word and excel documents that somehow got changed to all read only after a backup restore. I was wondering if there was a utility available to change all the file types of all the files in a specific folder all at once. Thanks.

James Goerke
TheGeex Technologies
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May this will work as a solution

by Mandar In reply to Mass File Type Associatio ...

You can do one thing... I have done this long ago. You can select all these files using select all option and select properties by right clicking on it and uncheck the check box stating it as a read only.


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Making everything writable

by Grail In reply to Mass File Type Associatio ...

If all your files are in the same folder, start up a console prompt (DOS prompt) and type:

attrib -r *.*

If they're not, type:

attrib -r /s *.*

...which will process everything in the subfolders from where you are.

You can substitute a plus symbol instead to make everything read-only if you like, i.e., attrib +r instead.

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