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    Mass Password Result


    by techrepublic ·

    I need to reset about 200 users passwords. How could I do it all at once instead of one by one.

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      by paul.cook ·

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      In a Win2K3 AD environment you can use dsquery user to find the users (e.g. in a specific OU) and pipe the results of that to a dsmod user command.

      dsquery user “OU=Sales,OU=New York,dc=internal,dc=AcmeCorp,dc=com” -limit 200 | dsmod user -pwd ChangeThisNow! -u NetAdmin -p NetAdminPassword- mustchpwd yes

      There are other ways using dsget and dsquery to create a text file that you can then import into excel and create the commands for each user, one per row and save as 1 big batch file. Inelegant, but effective.

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