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Mass sending of emails failed

By deanyeo_43 ·
Hi, my sales rep is trying to send out a marketing email to all her customers using outlook 2003, say around 100 to 150 reciepents. But she received back a error email saying that wrong recipents address. But when she tried sending one by one, its actually send thru. So anyone knows what might be the problem?
Thanks ya.

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limit # of recipents

by CG IT In reply to Mass sending of emails fa ...

depends on what mail server is being used. The administrator can limit the # of recipents a user can send to in any one batch as a method of spam prevention in case the mail server is compromised. Some mail servers the lowest limit can be 25 and some 100. Like I said in the beginning, depends on what mail server is being used.

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How to check

by deanyeo_43 In reply to limit # of recipents

Hey thanks, But how can i check the limits? im using MS exchange 2003

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How to Check Recipient Limit

by marketingtutor. In reply to How to check

There are two places to check. The global recipient limit and the per-user recipient limit. Here are links to MS's Exchange docs detailing that:


Per User:

Let me know if that did it for you.


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by deanyeo_43 In reply to How to Check Recipient Li ...

Hi Thanks. Manage to check the limits. But the limit is 5000 so shouldn't have error when sent. Anyway i had ask my sales rep to send partially. around 20 to 30 recieipents per time. and anyway its works. so shouldn't be any problem. Thanks guys.!

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Not the sending server's problem

by bschaettle In reply to Mass sending of emails fa ...

If you read the original post, you'll see that the message is sent successfully to most of the recipients, but others are bounced back with a "bad address" message from the addressee's domain. I'm in the same situation -- I send out emails with about 60 recipients on the BCC line and a few of them always bounce back with "no such address" messages. You then send the same message to the same address by itself and it goes through fine. I suspect that what is happening here is that the receiving system has decided that these messages are SPAM. The sales rep will need to have the recipients talk with their email administrator and have her email address added to a "white list" somewhere.

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If that is the case then

by marketingtutor. In reply to Not the sending server's ...

The original poster should go buy the Outlook plugin "Send Personally"

It will allow for Outlook to send a separate email for each recipient in the mail, instead of dumping so many names into one email.

FOrtunately, the poster is at least using the BCC field. To me its just plain BAD BAD BAD policy to put bunches of people in the TO or CC field. At the very least its unprofessional. I cannot recount the number of times a new box of mine was defiled with SPAM from these types that put my name with about 150 others in the TO/CC field.

Inevitably one schmoe in the TO or CC field has a spammer's virus on his/her machine and it picks up all of the email addresses in the incoming mail. Now those people start getting SPAM without end.

I believe you're right as well that the problem is on the receiving mail servers end. Most mail servers have a setting to reject mail with more than X number of recipients in the headers.

My recommendation is for the original poster to try out that Send Personally Outlook plugin I mentioned above. If the mail is being rejected for too many recipients, this will solve that. It also has some cool extra features for customizing the emails to each recipient.


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