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Master database

By jai_comp ·
Tags: Cloud, Security
Hi - I was wondering if someone can advise please. Our organisation uses a ERP systems which has 4000 Relations tables. There is a discussions on creating a master database - where any changes to these tables are populated into Master database. I am worried about this approach - for example, there is no business logic and any changes gets sent to this MD, which is used for integration with other systems? I would have thought you use master database to bring in data from various systems rather than just duplicating one system into another.

The argument for creating a master database is so there is no need for peer to peer integration - I agree peer to peer is not good but thats what what BizTalk is there for. They want to use BizTalk to pull data from the ERP into Master Database and then use SSIS to push data out to other systems. I can't see why they can't they just use BizTalk to transform the data and push the data out. Their other argument if the ERP system ever goes cloud it is not possible to do a full extract (i.e, not delta extract) using SSIS - but the issue nobody even know if we will ever even go hosted solution for the ERP we have. Additionally, even in such a case if there is a good business case I am sure the cloud prvoide will let SSIS access directly to database on the hosted cloud. Do you agree? Can you give your inputs on the flaws with this approach or is it just me worrying?

Thank you.

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