Master DC server not on line any more but need to be demoted

By adelhier ·
I just was hired to take care of the network at a small university. While looking at some problems with exchange and DNS event errors, the new IT team we found that it was pointing to a non exiting server named NS01. Now there is an NS01B witch I think is its new incarnation that the old IT staff made. One other thing there is a DNS entry with an alias CNAME for NS01 to point to NS01B.

Now when I look at the other two servers that are they both have massive amounts of replication problems with the server that is gone. One of the largest problem is users not getting there network mounts to work and other odd problems. I did fine out that NS01 was the site FSMO and now this is making a mess of things also.

Now is there a graceful way of demoting NS01 and getting it out of my hair for good or am I going to have to do this the very hard way?

Any and all advice would be great.

Andy del Hierro

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Whoa...stop! Is this an NT4 domain environment or Active Directory?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Master DC server not on l ...

You mention FSMO roles, yet claim there is a "master domain controller" on an Active Directory infrastructure? In AD, there is no such thing as a PDC or BDC. All domain controllers use multi-master replication and FSMO roles dictate which DC acts as a PDC Emulator. If you are running in a pure AD network, then all you have to do is transfer the PDC emulator role to another DC, or seize the role using dsutils if it won't move properly. If you are still running NT4 in your AD environment and someone had pulled the PDC, only leaving the BDC, you should be able to promote the BDC to a PDC using the standard NT4 tools.

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seize all roles

by CG IT In reply to Whoa...stop! Is this an ...

in addition to what Why Me Worry mentioned, you can verify what roles the second server has assigned to it if you don't know or don't have documentation that says what roles are on what server. If all else fails, you seize all roles for FSMO. If there is only 1 DC left on the network, it must have all roles for AD to function properly.

here's a technet link

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Demoting Server

by craig_eights In reply to Master DC server not on l ...

Click on Start, then go on RUN and type cmd. From the command prompt type in DCPROMO. This will aloow you to demote this server from the LAN.

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DCPROMO would not work

by adelhier In reply to Demoting Server

See if would DCPROMO but there server not there. It is in AD but no where else. It think they reinstalled the OS and renamed the server NS01B not NS01 but yah i have to run the one ulit and do a metadata clean up.


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This is a 2003 server

by adelhier In reply to Master DC server not on l ...

The FSMO is coming from the DNS server that has that role. I am getting most if not all my errors from my Exchange 2003 server and some odd password delay on reset.

An dy

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Active Directory

by CG IT In reply to This is a 2003 server

Active Directory requires a DC and DNS to operate correctly. The Domain Controller does NOT have to have DNS installed on it but typically the first server created for Act.ive Directory also has DNS. This first server has ALL FMSO roles. Subsequent DCs added to the network do not have FSMO Roles assigned unless the admin assigned them. They are domain controllers replicating Active Directory schema and AD user account and computer account stuff.

If someone reinstalled and then renamed, then you have a problem. If Exchange is a seperate server, and you use SMTP with DNS for routing, then it's possible DNS is not setup properly e.g. DNS servers referenced in Exchange and the DNS zones are not setup properly.

NEED More Information

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Well i fixed it

by adelhier In reply to Active Directory

I used the tools need to clean up the meta data and move over the roles and it seems to be all working.


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