Master Volume Slider goes up on its own

By cftc ·

my father asked me to fix his old Compaq Presario 5150 desktop. For some reason in Windows 2000 The volume slider on the master volume goes up to max volume on its own.

I have uninstalled most of the software on the computer, short of completely wiping and re-installing windows, I can't figure it out. It won't let me mute it, it won't let me control it. All the other volume sliders are fine except for the Master volume. I am very frustrated, I would disable the on board sound and install a real sound card if I could figure it out.

I can't find this problem anywhere else, and Compaq is really no help.

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Try the update route..

Find out the make of sound card and go to the website to get a update for it. If it is the onboard sound chip it might be "realtech" or something similar. Look in the "device manager" and find out.
Sound card drivers here:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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ESS sucks

by cftc In reply to Try the update route..

Hi, thanks for the reply.

According to the ESS technology website there is no new drivers for the ESS 1869 audio chip set for Windows 2000 other then what's included with the CD.

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Go here for your drivers....

When in look for "Please, enter verification code:", and type in the code that is shown, then you will be able to download the driver for Windows 2000. Hope this works for you.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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