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By se1uno ·
pls i am working for a very okay insurance firm right now , as the systems network administrator, my future looks bright there being a new company, and i am a young chap, but i want to go for my masters in the UK in computer Networks for 16 months so that i could geta better job and a better carreer, do u think its a good idea. Is doing a masters in such a course a goodn advise pls help think.

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by billyboys In reply to Masters degree

I believe you should not quit full time job for your Masters. You should keep working full time and study part time as the global economy is not that strong. I have heard my stories like yours and most of them regretted having time off from full time employment.

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by DC_GUY In reply to Masters degree

I agree. Don't take time off from work to pursue an advanced degree. Your resume will look stronger and you will look more dedicated if you take your classes at night and just take more years to finish the degree. Employers don't like people who are willing to walk away from a job to do something else, even if it's job-related. They worry that you will leave them to pursue a PhD.

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by john In reply to Masters degree

Whilst many would say I am biased (I left a physics degree to become a developer), I would heavily advise against further academic qualifications purely for carer advancement. Many employers prefer to see real world experience and industry qualifications.
I would look to CCNA CCNE and MSCE for a start.
Nothing is more valuable than good honest experience.

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by salexandrea In reply to Masters degree

While I agree about the comment re: real world experience I don't agree with pursuing your certification simply because there are a number of paper certified professionals out there. Overall, I think you've gotten some sound advice in that you should continue to work to gain the hands on experience and pursue your adv. degree concurrently. Sounds like a bit much eh? Well, employers like to here "I have 8 years of Net Admin experience and I'm currently pursing an adv. degree in CIS". Hope this help and good luck.

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