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    by nsalooja ·

    I just graduated with my B.S. degree in Management Information Systems and am thinking about going for my masters.

    I am having a hard time deciding if i should go for my masters in Information systems, Computer Science, Computer Inforamation Systems, Masters of Business Administration or Masters in Public Adminstration.

    Can you please give me your thoughts and ideas?


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      Here is my 2 cents!

      by mountytech ·

      In reply to Masters???

      You are looking at a wide variety of career paths. For someone to answer that you would need to provide more info. What do you want be when you grow up? What schools are you looking at? Some schools have great MBA programs, but horrible MIS programs.

      If you want to be more involved with business decisions go for the MBA. Many MBA programs allow you to specialize in a certain area such as IS. Most organizations looking to fill a CIO position prefer an MBA.

      If you are looking for a position such as a Data Center Director go for the MIS. Many CIO?s do have an MIS as an alternative to the MBA.

      Normally the Computer Information Systems is more for Software Engineers, while Computer Science is for programmers. You have to be careful with these two though some schools use them interchangeably.

      I don?t know why you would consider Public Administration unless you are considering running for a political office or would like to run a charity organization. This would not be a waste, but the MBA would provide better opportunities.

      If you are not sure as to what you want to do, go the quickest and cheapest path. Any master?s degree will get you the position you desire. Depending on which masters program you choose, it may take you longer to build a resume suitable for the position you eventually would like.

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      Depends on what you want

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to Masters???

      But an MBA will open more doors in the long run.

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      MBA – Good but…

      by dolphin-one ·

      In reply to Masters???

      I completed the requirements for an MBA in Technology Management in April 2002. It was a great program. (When I began the program, I was MIS Manager of seven employees plus fifteen contractors. Over the course of one year, the group was downsized twice from seven to four to none when my position was unexpectedly phased out. That despite turning IT into a profit center for the organization.) I thought the MBA on my resume would open the doors to other management and IT project management opportunities.

      While trying to seek work, I was suddenly told I was “over qualified” for many IT positions. It seemed companies did not want to hire ambitious individuals into the IT ranks if they saw they’d need to replace them within five years time as they climbed the corporate ladder.

      I ended up going back to being a contract software developer and have started my own business where I work with a network of developers and we work as a cohesive team on many projects for businesses.

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