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    mathematical symbols


    by stpmds ·

    I am trying to prepare a school maths question paper. me how to prepare a sum using mathematical symbols (fonts like in algebra, trig.etc.) if special fonts are available how to get it and incorporate in msword.advance thanks

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      Reply To: mathematical symbols

      by neil cotton ·

      In reply to mathematical symbols

      on word when you want to put a mathematical symbol in your text…..

      on the toolbar at the top click “Insert”, and then click “Symbols”.

      A window will appear with a grid of symbols. In the top right of this new window is a drop down box, click the arrow and choose “Mathematical Operators”.

      You can also scroll through the whole grid, which will cycle through all the subsets (the whole set) There may be some symbols that are not in mathematical operators, such as pie, approx, therefore, implied.

      You just double click or highlight and press insert the symbol you want. If you are going to repeat this…the best thing to do, save opeing this window and searching everytime, is find all the symbolys you may want and install them all at the top of the page, then when you need to use them, you can just copy and paste them in the rest of the body, alternatively

      in the Symbol window, you can click ONCE on a symbol, and click the “Shortcut” button. You can then input a keyboard shortcut (a combination of keys) that when pressed will display the symbol you wish.

      If there are symbols you want and aren’t contained in word, you can download new symbol sets…search google for “symbol sets MS word *” [replace * with your version of word]. However, sometimes there are a charge, as they are very rarely provided by MS or freewares, they are “handdrawn” and then coded by individuals and request payment for the use of them, much like many fonts that can be downloaded.

      The best bet would be to find a mathematical symbol web page where the symbols are either textual, or images.

      MS word will support 32bit ASCII charachters, even if they are symbols that aren’t included in word as default. Copy the ones you need, or the whole lot, and paste it into a word doc, and save it as “maths_symbols.doc” or something, so you have them all for the future.

      or have some of these

      π γ ≠ ∝ ≤ ≥ √ | | ⇒ → ⊃ ⊕ &#8704

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        Reply To: mathematical symbols

        by neil cotton ·

        In reply to Reply To: mathematical symbols

        OK, so that didn’t work, cause HTML has evaluated it into the ASCII character refence.

        go here and you can find them.

        BTW – powers can be displayed by highlighting the power value, right clicking on the highlighted value, and clicking font, and checking super sub script.
        NB# if you over selected to the right hand edge of the number, you will have instanciated the continuing text as subscript, so you will need to highlight the text that is still typing risen and uncheck SSS.

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      Reply To: mathematical symbols

      by xerxes612 ·

      In reply to mathematical symbols

      It will be a pain, but I found every symbol I looked for from your hyperlink on the symbol font page. Do the folowing to insert the easist way.

      On the Insert menu, click Symbol. Most were under symbol.

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      Reply To: mathematical symbols

      by neil cotton ·

      In reply to mathematical symbols

      what you find built into microsoft office, fonts and symbols etc, depends solely on the version, XP actually has less than 2000 etc…and also if there have been any updates. You can download a Office XP pack of symbols and fonts and such that weren’t standard to the install.

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      Reply To: mathematical symbols

      by stpmds ·

      In reply to mathematical symbols

      thank you all for the support.

      if this matter is so difficult how do electronic books are created in the subject. from where those people get the fonts or facility. is it in DTP or similar priced softwares.

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