Matrox rtx.2 HD graphics

By Beginner9 ·
Hi all

I have a Matrox RTX.2 graphics card for video capturing. This need a (12v) 8 pin power supply cable whch is NOT COMPATIABLE with molex or 8 pin power cable in my computer.

This card is having small tiny 8 pins for power. I lost the cable.

I am wondering if any body knows how to find power cable for this device.

I tried internet and some computer shops but couldnt find any help.


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Unless I'm living in a dream ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Matrox rtx.2 HD graphics

I could have sworn that virtually any computer supplies / electronics warehouse outlet will stock a converter cable from 4 pin Molex to 8 Pin EPS for under 5 quid.

You're in London - try one of the 14 branches of MAPLIN. Walk right through whichever branch, straight up to the Service Counter at the back.

Ask the geek that's standing there stinking of flux - he'll have a box full of odds 'n' ends. He might even give you it for free.

There's 10 branches in Central London:

Also another half dozen or so in the surrounding areas like Richmond, Kingston-on-Thames etc.

Edit for link.

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its not EPS

by Beginner9 In reply to Unless I'm living in a dr ...

I have i7 with cooler master modular Real power 700w. the graphics card for video editing ?1200 power cable came with it(which I lost).

It has a tiny 8 pins for power. my friends work in Maplin and they dont have it.

I did tried in all the electronic shops


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Maybe someone on this link could help you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to its not EPS
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by Beginner9 In reply to Maybe someone on this lin ...

I already tried this website. Thanks I have internet as well

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EPS Cable

by TheChas In reply to Matrox rtx.2 HD graphics

Does this look like the correct cable?


At least one of the support forum posts suggested that it might be an EPS to Molex cable.

I see that Matrox responded in the thread and suggested that the user contact their technical support.


If your card is less than 3 years old, they might send you a cable.

I would recommend that you verify that the cable is wired the same as a standard EPS cable before powering up the system.

Even without a schematic, a skilled electronics technician should be able to at least verify that the ground leads in the EPS cable match up with the ground pins on the card.


I did find a few more posts in the forum where people were asking how to build their own cables. In all instances, the moderator told them to contact customer support or to check with their dealer for a replacement cable. To me, this suggests that the cable may not be wired the same as a standard EPS cable.

Another note was the recommendation that the power not be shared with another device on the same cable. I suspect that electrical noise is the main problem. But, voltage drop across multiple connectors on a drive power cable could also be the concern.


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by Beginner9 In reply to EPS Cable


http://www.xpcgear.com/cable48.html ( no Its not the type of cable I am looking ).

The second reply is only a guess http://forum.matrox.com/rtx2/viewtopic.php?t=7575&highlight=cable

the card is bought in 2006 @ ?1200.00.

The Support is not free

Thank You

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In order to aid identification of the required jack ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Matrox rtx.2 HD graphics

There's a zoom-able selection of shots of an RT.X2 card.

The top left choice is a nifty isometric shot giving a good look at the shape of this connector, which appears to be a doubledecker affair, duplicating each of the Molex terminals within its casing.


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