max distanced point-to-point wireless WAN?

By m.a.sabir ·
Can I make a 550km/350 mile-distance point-to-point wireless WAN?

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Yes, but only via satellite

by TobiF In reply to max distanced point-to-po ...

A usual radio connection over that distance would need to be on such frequencies where you could never get the dataspeed you'd be expecting (and the radio would eat just sooo much energy...)

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Yes, a multi-hop long-haul microwave link would work

by robo_dev In reply to max distanced point-to-po ...

You have to calculate the fresnel zone based on the target frequency, the distance, and the maximum practical radio tower heights, based on the elevation of each site:

I am pretty sure that it is not possible to make this one hop, as the antenna height at each end would get somewhat impractical, such as over 300 meters, and the amount of power required would be impractical.

Most of the commercial long-haul microwave link solutions tend to top out at around 100km per hop, as the power and tower-height issues get to be impractical at greater distances.

As listed in the links aboove, there are long-haul microwave solutions from Marconi-Ericsson, Ceragon, and others.

Here is a whitepaper about a 382KM Wireless LAN link, however they had the Andes mountains on each end.

Most point-to-point implementations do not have the luxury of using two mountains in Venezuela as your sites.

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