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Max File System Size AIX 4.1

By ratherbfishing ·
I recently added 3 2G drives to our rs/6000 AIX 4.1 system. My preference would be to make these all available as one file system so for example we could have a 6 G /data.
However, my AIX 3.2 manual states a 2G max size for a logical volume. ( I donot have a 4.1 manual). Does this mean that the maximun file system size I can have is also 2G?

For now I have created 3 logical volumes 2G each, and 3 corrosponding file systems /data1,/data2,/data3.

Can someone verify if I have dome this correctly, or is their a way I could have created one 6G file system.


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Max File System Size AIX 4.1


You should be able to create lager Logical Volumes in AIX 4.1 than 2Gb, exactly how much larger I don't know, but why not just try and create a 6Gb logical volume with the Administration tool in AIX and see if it's possible.

Allthough you might need the latest fixes for your system, see for updates and fixpacks.


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Max File System Size AIX 4.1

by ratherbfishing In reply to Max File System Size AIX ...

Thanks for answering.

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