Max flash card can be installed in Cisco 3620 router?

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As far as I know,there are 2 types of Flash memory in 3620. 2 slots for SIMM inside,2 slots for CF card memory on Front panel.
SIMM sticks can be used in both 2600series and 3600series with a max single bank capacity of 16MB.(MEM3600-32FS doesn't work on 3620).
So that's SIMM DRAM sticks have different kinds,those for 2500 can't be used on 2600 or 3600.
Correct me if I am wrong.

What about CF card?Are they all the same except capacity,which means I can get a CF card can be used on any router with PC slot?
Is there also a max capacity limitation?
on http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/routers/access/3600/hardware/notes/PCMCIA.html,it mentioned MEM3600-4FC=, MEM3600-8FC=, MEM3600-16FC=, MEM3600-20FC=
my question are
1.is there a specific kind of CF card for 3600 series or I can use any CF card for Cisco equipment(so I don't need to worry about MEM3600)?
2.Does 3600(to be specific,3620) support CF card over 20MB?
I've never used CF Flash memory in Cisco routers before so I've no idea whether Im getting the right thing.

I've used CF micro hard-drive(4GB or 8GB) before,so what's the difference between the CF cards for regular use(like portable storage or camera) and the Cisco CF memory card.Obviously they have different slots(regular CF is way bigger),why the memory is still called CF and what's the connection with PCMCIA?Is it the same slot as those in laptops?
I guess CF is a storage or flash memory type,and PCMCIA(PC) is the slot standard.Then what's the slot of regular CF storage card?

I read a bunch of documents about these stuff and get really confused.


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