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Max now run Win XP and OS X!

By Dr Dij ·
Check out current issue of informationweek! (online)
a texas guy offered 14k for anyone who'd figure out a way to create a dual boot Mac that would run XP also. He's posted the solution on his website.

Now if they'd just get rid of that awful one eyed mouse? Looks like Apple won't try to stop this.

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Maybe in the future

by Neil Higgins In reply to Max now run Win XP and OS ...

you could bye a "win-Mac",run entrely by Linux code,and owned by Burger King.Free fries when anything goes wrong.

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And it will weigh

by Dr Dij In reply to Maybe in the future

a 1/4 lb!

with cushiony recyclable (and edible) round spongy shock absorbers made of wheat!

You will, of course, spread some red colored nano-paste on it, then ingest the whole thing to learn your favorite software program! :)

I'll have a soylent green shake with that!

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