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    Max number of connections for XP pro running MSDE


    by edvin15 ·


    Planning on running a MSDE database with about 30-40 users on an XP pro machine…I’ve been reading that there is a limit to XP pro, only 10 concurrent connections. Does that apply to databases as well, or is the 10 connection limit only for filesharing?


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      It’s a limit but it’s not a limit

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Max number of connections for XP pro running MSDE

      What it does is throttle based on concurrent batches.
      It’s not a connection limit or a user limit, but after eight concurrent batches not transactions are running it introduces a delay for extras.

      We did a a test for a client server suite we recomend the full version for but support MSDE.

      With 14 people trying to hit the most expensive functions there was no noticeable slow down, at about 19 hammering away it got worse, 25 and several people got seriously degraded performance.

      So 40 is OK as long as they all don’t request something at exactly the same time. If you are fortunate enough to have a sensible design, quick in and out stuff, not big aggregate multi table joins etc, you users might not even percieve the slow down, if it occurs at all.

      Things like batch updates with cursors, big reports, slow queries are the things to look out for. You might get away with them except for locking issues on the full product, but they’ll eat into those eight concurrent batches very quickly if you’ve got them.


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        thanks for the info

        by edvin15 ·

        In reply to It’s a limit but it’s not a limit

        we’re going with win 2003 server instead…dont want to limit people from access, plus there is room to grow.

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          Our product suits small to large businesses

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to thanks for the info

          We shifted over to SQL server, but didn’t want to hit the smaller customers with the cost of the full product.

          2003 is a reasonable MS choice, be wary of 2005 though, it’s pathetically slow, unless you redesign for it.

          Other options exist DB2Lite, OracleLite, MySQL and PostGreSQL. Could be investigating some of them soon as we’ve deferred 2005 use until some other poor fool has tested it for MS.

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