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max # of connect'n on remote pc

By dvillarjr ·
Our office uses windows XP SP2. we made a small utility program that enables us to share or update files automatically by sharing a folder on our workgroup... Unfortunately as the connections grew, we found out that, in a single shared folder; you can only establish 10 remote connections simultaneously... We are wandering if there is a way to increase this default 10 remote connections.Thank you..

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by dvillarjr In reply to max # of connect'n on rem ...

additional info... We are using Windows XP pro w/ SP2..on a workgroup... all other pc connecting have the same Specs...

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by faradhi In reply to max # of connect'n on rem ...

No, Windows XP has a 10 user connection limit only.

This article explains the issue.;en-us;314882

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by superjn In reply to max # of connect'n on rem ...

Upgrade to Win2000SRV or 2003SRV. If you want to use a device as a server, just call it what it is and use the appropriate OS.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to max # of connect'n on rem ...

As the above answer tells you MS has a 10 connection limit on a simple Peer to Peer Network. The only way around this is to migrate everything to a Domain from a Workgroup and use a Server OS on a dedicated server for all your users. Follow the direction sin th download available at the first entry here

Now if you need to use a MS Server Platform you may have to buy additional Licences to allow more than 10 computers to connect this depends in the Server Platform involved as some have as few as 5 connections allowed and then you start buying additional Licenses to a higher number this all depends on the Version of the Server Platform that you buy.

Alternatively you could use a Linux Server Application like Ubuntu available from here

But before considering this if you have no Nix experience you should view the following

You can also look up your nearest Linux User Group here


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by CG IT In reply to max # of connect'n on rem ...

the first answer and HAL have it right. Max connections on a peer to peer is 10. One thing though, you don't have to go to directory servicers network. On a Windows platform, you can buy a server and place shared resources on the server. Then just get the appropriate amount of client access licenses you need. The server does not have a max connection limit, rather uses client licensing.

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by wcp In reply to max # of connect'n on rem ...
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by parker73 In reply to max # of connect'n on rem ...

Here you go everyone in computer land. Go to this website: and download his neat little app that fixes this monopolizing fix that M$ put in sp2. Makes me think that they let everyone run with the ball until everyone set up their networks and then they eek out a fix in sp2 so everyone that has over 10 people on a network has to go out and buy $500.00+ server software that you can't even upgrade your existing XP Pro server with. Ok I vented, thanks for hearing me out.

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