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Maximizing "windows" ...

By outrageous1 ·
I would like to know if there is a way to force all windows, including internet explorer windows, to run maximized all of the time.

To explain this a little further, with internet explorer ... Right clicking on the IE icon and choosing properties, i select for the program to run "maximized" (i've done this for all IE icons i can find)... however, they seem to never do this. Every time i click a link or open IE from another program (a link from an email), the windows are no longer in maximized mode, but the properties all say that they are running in this manner.

Is there a Registry change or anything that can force all windows, including IE windows to stay maximized all of the time?

Thanks in advance.

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Wrong forum

by deepsand In reply to Maximizing "windows" ...

This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

It properly belongs in "Technical Q&A," not in "Discussions."

Please re-post there.

Thank you.

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deepsand is right

by Oz_Media In reply to Maximizing "windows" ...

BUt as this one should be pretty quick and easy:

One method you can use is to take one o fthe small windows and DRAG it to full size, then close all IE windows, all should now open at full size if not maxinmized.

But to find a permanent reigsrty fix, you should definitely try Tech Q&A, you wil get a lot more help there.

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Perhaps, if enough of us, ...

by deepsand In reply to deepsand is right

gently guide these people to the right place, it might help to a least mitigate the problem.

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I tried that for a while

by Oz_Media In reply to Perhaps, if enough of us, ...

I had a cut and paste response but some peers would say it doesn't matter where people post and help out anyway. At that point, what's to stop someone else fromdoing it also?

What I'm getting tired of is continual emails from people who I have never spoken to on TR or helped out who are simply sending me their questions by peer mail.

Got two mre today. Not even a "I know TR offers a TEch Q&A Forum but I thought you may be able to helpme with...."

I just get : (paraphrased from a message i got today)
"IBM Intellistation won't boot, what's wrong? I need help ASAP as this customer needs his computer back."

Sometimes with a list of specs or an error code as if it is some sort of error message submission form. I pointed one lady to Tech Q&A and asked her to repost there, I got a second email with mroe details about the problem and an urgency request!

I'm need to start billing TR soon I think! :)

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Get the supplicants credit card info.; ...

by deepsand In reply to I tried that for a while

I'll process the charges for you.

Just mark your rate up enough to cover both of us.

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I am no IT guy

by Oz_Media In reply to Get the supplicants credi ...

I hold an MCNE, that was force fed to me.

I never grew up with computers, just pong and Atari.
I spent many days in high school picking on compter nerds.
I have never held ANY interest in computing, I do a lot of graphic design and publishing, I understand basic Python and that's it. I can remedy mosy Windows problems due to hands on work.
I can setup and configure Netware, and related software and that's it.

I am not an IT guru, I am not an IT career guy. I am BARELY even in IT anymore. My jobs are fodused on market development, operational streamlining, efficiency through innovation etc.

But I get these things sent to me all the time!

Last night, I got email from someone seeking advice on Mac daisychains.

I have never owned a MAC, never installed anything on a MAC, have only USED a MAC a few times where graphics were being developed. SH*T I CAN'T EVEN TYPE!!!

TR has failed miserable in adding a single sentence when you click Start New Thread to post a question. People now post wherever they want and don't know any better because it is not spelled out. A SINGLE sentence on the Start New post page ,where you choose the discussion topic, stating,

"IF you have a technical question about your PC or network, please click here to post in our Tech Q&A forum."

...should be all that is needed to reduce the NUMBER of posts in Discussion groups. It's not brain surgery it's the most basic navigation tool.

All they need is one sentence and a link to the right place.

As for peer mail, when entering the peer mail page, there should also be a disclaimer.

"Unless invited to do so, please refrain from sending technical questions directly to our members. You will find much more support by posting HERE instead."

Is it REALLY that hard to figure out?

There's a SLIM chance this won't help in either forum, some people just don't read at all, that's why they have their PC issues to begin with in many cases.

But it's an ongoing problem that has gradually become worse over time, yet the SIMPLEST efforts to change it have been ignored.

What can you do?

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Yes, but, ...

by deepsand In reply to Get the supplicants credi ...

THEY don't know that!

Go for the green.

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I have a profile

by Oz_Media In reply to Yes, but, ...

My interests in clude Ford and BOSCHE. LOL!NOthing about MAC, and I removed my current technology interests because I fiured I was getting peer mail due to that, even though they included Bosche and Ford. LOL!

It still doesn't say web support desk though. And how the **** do you get to post a question without seeing a link that points to tech Q&A, that's just bad building.

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Yah, I'm starting to get the same.

by deepsand In reply to I have a profile

Perhaps they think that because we're ranked in the "Top 5 in this topic" we're all knowing, all caring, and with plenty of free time.

I'm close to the point of replying with my own question --- "What makes you think I give a rat's ***?"

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Well now .....

by outrageous1 In reply to Maximizing "windows" ...

I didn't really think that 2 people could be such Assholes. I mean get f'n real. If you can answer the question then do it. If not, then keep your opinions to yourself. It's people like you's 2 that make things difficult for others. If you really think that it's so f'n hard for people to figure out what they need to be doing instead of cluttering up "your" space and "your" time, ... then I think it's high time that you got off your lazy asses and told TR how to run their site.

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