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Maximum amount of hard drive space

By banshee2222 ·
What is the maximum amount of hard drive space windows can support using SATA my motherboard can support up 8 SATA devices so does that mean I can support 8 400gig? please help

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by Jaqui In reply to Maximum amount of hard dr ...

max size is controlled by os.
if the drive is to large for the os then you will lose drive space.
check the max drive size for the os you are using.
that is the real limiting factor.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Maximum amount of hard dr ...

It depends of how you configure them if they where in a striped RAID I think you could probably get away with 8 400 GIG SATA drives on an XP Pro box if of course you could actually fit them in the case and power them as well.

But as Jaqi has already said it all depends on what the OS can handle and to some extent what the M'Board can recognize as you wouldn't bother fitting 400 GIG drives if the BIOS can only see 200 GIG Drives would you?


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by TomSal In reply to Maximum amount of hard dr ...

You'll more than likely exceed your motherboard's bios limits before you exceed Windows XP Pro's limits....the only exception with the os is that you have at least SP1 installed, and that your motherboard/bios supports 48-bit LBA (because this is how you get past the 137 gig limit).

I tried to find the exact capacity limits for XP pro, but they must be buried pretty deep on the Microsoft site (yeah all 5 minutes I was looking). However, I HIGHLY doubt that *only* 3200 gigs will exceed OS limits. Remember even Windows XP had theoretical storage limits in excess of 16 exabytes.

So I'd defer to the others and say...

If its physically possible to connect those many driives (ie. your mobo supports those connections)

And you have the power adequate for those connections

And you have SP1 or better and 48-bit LBA enabled

Then yeah I don't see why 8x400gig configuration wouldn't work

Of course, I have to say this...3.2 tera is a lot for a client OS, if you want to go all out on that, why not just use a server platform?

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by TomSal In reply to

*Sorry I meant to say that Windows NT had the 16 exabyte limit

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by jonno112 In reply to Maximum amount of hard dr ...

I thought the maximum size was what your motherboard allowed, i have an a7n8x deluxe moby from ASUS and i have a 200 gig 2 x 120 gig, 80 gig thats the ide section, i still have 4 satas as well i think maybe your limitation would be power supply wouldn't it, 8 X 400 GB drives would suck a lot of juice.

The way i see it is if you can put 1 HD over 137GB you can put 8 X 400Gb.

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by Mad Max In reply to Maximum amount of hard dr ...

Broadly agreeing with all these statements.. I would like to add one proviso not covered and also a major reason for upgrading to a Server class case.... HEAT

8 drives are going to heat up quite a bit and without reasonable amounts of cool air get VERY warm and unreliable as a result.

If you discover you have a suitable MB (400 Gb rcognised) and enough power from your PSU make sure there is a forced airflow over the hard disks using case fans. Remember of course your PSU has to provide power to these when calculating power required.


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