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    (Maxor 200gigs)


    by ffontan1 ·

    Tech support,

    Have a new (Maxor 200gigs) drive with controller card and ( WD 160 gigs) without card.

    Windows 98se only lets me see 135 gigs of the 200 gigs drive.

    My question is there any software out that allows me to see all 200 gigs without having to use the controller card ?.

    No matter what I do windows 98se software won’t let me see the 65 gigs.

    My computer is NEW(AMD 2000 MHZ ) with a (Maxor 80 gigs) and It ‘s work good.

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      by saihib ·

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      You’ll need to download the Maxtor and WD drive overlay software from their respective websites. But first I’s check to see if their is a BIOS update for your machine that will allow it to accomodat larger hard drives.

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      by thechas ·

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      Windows 98 does NOT have support for drives larger than 135GB. Even then, you need to download the new version of fdisk from Microsoft.
      (There is a link at

      The only version of Windows that does support large hard drives is Windows XP with Service Pack 1!

      Your only software option is to use Maxtor’s setup utility.
      Unfortunately, these utilities ONLY function for drives from the specific manufacture.
      Generally, ALL drives in the system must be from the same manufacture when using the drive manufactures version of the drive overlay software.

      You might get by using Partition Magic or another 3rd party partition manager.


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      by ffontan1 ·

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      Point value changed by question poster.

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      by ffontan1 ·

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