Maxtor 3100 problem with Vista Home

By wang63085 ·
I am working on a issue on a client machine that is running Vista Home Edition and when I plug in the external HD a message comes up saying that the device is not recognized. I uninstalled the USB drivers and then replug it back it and usually it fixes itself. Is there anyway I can make it work all the time? Is it a problem with the HD or with Vista?

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take it back

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Maxtor 3100 problem with ...

its time to take it back to the big box store where you got it from.

they have documented issues on other forums.

was this an upgraded pc? if soo what speed is the usb 1.1 or 2?

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Vista Home and Maxtor 3100

by The_Marauder In reply to Maxtor 3100 problem with ...

I also ran into this problem. Vista did not recognize my Maxtor 3100 EHD when I plugged it into the USB 2.0 plug. I tried going in to change drive letters, etc. to no avail. BestBuy's Geek Squad offered to try to transfer it - for around $100 - but thought the real problem lie in the EHD. Their thought was that it was locked and needed to be reset - possible losing my data.

My solution was to simply plug the EHD into my 1.0/1.1 compatible USB hub (original cost $19.95). It appears that USB 2.0 doesn't recognize the EHD but the older USB hub does. I was able to successfully read and transfer everything from the EHD to the new Vista PC. Hope this helps! My next project is to get Outlook 2000 to work on Vista!

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