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    Maxtor 3200 160 gb Power Supply


    by bumble1984 ·

    Does anyone know where I could find a power supply switch for a maxtor 3200 personal storage. Power supply switch is DVE brand DAS 36w-12 24. I have only been able to find ones that cost over $100 or ones that have a 2.5 amp output i.e. models ending in 12 30. Would this work or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      by bumble1984 ·

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      Any of the specialized Electronic Suppliers

      by oh smeg ·

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      Should be able to help you here. Just take the dead unit with you and ask for a replacement unit that will do the same job.

      As for your Question [i]Will it work[/i] the correct answer is Maybe. The problem here is that the Power Pack is rated to 24 V Max so the Zener Diode inside the enclosure which regulates the voltage that the drive and other electronics get may not be substantial enough to cope with a 36 upper limit. But the margin for error comes into play and there shouldn’t be a problem.

      However if there is it could be Catastrophic.

      If I had the thing in my hand I could tell you more but just reading the information supplied here makes things a bit difficult. And Seagate in the Maxtor range isn’t the most reliable supplier of parts as this is the Budget Range of the Seagate Products so they are cheap and nasty compared to the more expensive things that Seagate make.


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      Power Supply Options

      by thechas ·

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      Looking around, it does seem to be pretty common for these supplies to fail.

      Have you contacted Seagate about a replacement from them?

      It does seam silly to have to pay more for a replacement power supply than what a new higher capacity drive would cost. I did find a site with a reasonable price for these though.

      As far as substitute power supplies, the primary concern is that you have the correct output voltage properly regulated and the plug is wired correctly.

      As a general rule, one way to fix power supply failures is to replace the supply with one that has a higher output power rating.

      With a switching type power supply, you do need to be careful to not use one that is over-rated for the intended load.

      I myself would buy an appropriate supply from a surplus electronics dealer such as All Electronics or Hosfelt Electronics and set it up to work properly.

      You note that you are a student. Does your school have an electronics program? If so, they might be able to help you verify a proper replacement supply.


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