Maxtor 3200 External Drive with Microsoft Server 2003

By katherine ·

I have got a Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 (320GB) Drive and Microsoft Server 2003 won't recognise it when it connects by USB. I want to get it working so I can back up my server and take it home with me each night.

Can anyone give me some tips. I am not sure if I need to download a driver or what?

Please help


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Not Really an Answer But...

by rkuhn In reply to Maxtor 3200 External Driv ...

Scrap the idea of the Maxtor drive and purchase a NAS version instead.

That is, an external drive that hangs off the network (gets an IP address and everything) and then stop worrying about Server 2003's lack of support.

In the long run, you'd be happier anyways. You could backup not only the server but also other PC's without having to physically attach it to the different boxes since it is network aware.

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No drivers available

by Iam_Mordac In reply to Maxtor 3200 External Driv ...

Unfortunately, Maxtor does not support WinServ2k3 with these USB drives. <grrrr>
I just bought 4 of them and figured that the WinXP support would carry over to WinServ2k3. I was sadly mistaken.
It may be possible to work around this, however I have not been able to make it work yet, nor have I found anyone else who has.

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by Bizzo In reply to No drivers available

That's the sound of a Zombie waking.

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What We Use...

by rkuhn In reply to Maxtor 3200 External Driv ...

We use the Seagate Free Agent series, specifically the 320 GB drives.

They work great and are automatically picked up with Server 2003.

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