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    Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive Problem


    by mrlucky ·

    Partition magic & I had a falling out—-what started out as a 60GB drive is now a 33GB Drive. The approx 27 unrecognized has my files on it. Not so terrible that I can’t redo all of it but to add insult to injury I only have a 33GB hard drive now. Any help appreciated. Steve

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      Reply To: Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive Problem

      by csmith ·

      In reply to Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive Problem

      Repartitioning and upgrading to XP are the two tasks that require a complete backup of the PC, before they are performed.
      But now to the problem, The data is not lost, It is still written on the Hard Disk. The File Allocation Table for the second partition should also still be there.
      The problem is that the partition table is corrupt.
      A sub part of the problem is that you can restore the files, so an expensive data recovery program is out of consideration.

      A necessary first check, that is probably not the problem, but will save a lot of time if it is.
      Check the BIOS to make sure that the setting has not changed, or is not corrupt.
      If it has changed, or is corrupt, change the battery on the motherboard, correct setting, and rerun Partition Magic.
      Now to the much more likely solution. Download the program Virtual Lab Data Recovery by BinaryBiz from .
      (Cnet is the parent of Tech Republic.)
      This is a free download, and the only one I can think of, right off, that may work, and meets the cost criteria.
      Regards, Chris

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      Reply To: Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive Problem

      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive Problem

      Boot the system to dos and go into fdisk. View the partition information and see what is going on. You will see the current partition information.

      If you are not concerned about recovering the information you can do the following.

      In fdisk delete any dos or non dos partitions.

      Reboot back into dos and at the a:\ prompt type fdisk /mbr
      This will rebuild the master boot record.

      Reboot and enter fdisk, it should prompt with a full screen of information that cooks down to do you want to enable large partitions. Tell it yes.

      You should be able to create a full drive partition now.

      If you still can’t create the full 60. You might need to recertify the drive. Maxtor has software that will check the drive and allow you to perform a low level format. Get it here:

      Copy and paste, no spaces.

      Good Luck Lee

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      Reply To: Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive Problem

      by donmars ·

      In reply to Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive Problem

      You never said what your OS is and if your file system is NTFS or FAT. If you accidentally formated one partician as FAT and the other as NTFS then one will be missing! FAT does not see NTFS and NTFS does not see FAT. Check this with Partician Magic, make them both the same.

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      Reply To: Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive Problem

      by ospreyint ·

      In reply to Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive Problem

      You did not talk about your OS. If you are using 98 and FAT then there are size limitation and you will face the type of problem you mentioned in your question. I am not too fond of Partition Magic.

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