Maxtor 6L250R0

By J_CJones ·
I recently purchased a Maxtor 6L250R0 as my main hard drive. It is a 250gb EIDE hard drive and it is reading as as a 32gb hard drive. Please help me. Thanks in advance.


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I believe

by IC-IT In reply to Maxtor 6L250R0

You may have used XP to format it as a FAT32 drive. Although it should have returned an error.
You may either reformat it as NTFS or use a Win98 SE/Win ME boot disk (or third party program) to format it to the full capacity using FAT32.

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System Info

by willcomp In reply to Maxtor 6L250R0

If bwilmot is not correct, post your sytem specs (PC make/model or motherboard make/model).

Also check jumper positions on drive and ensure that a 32GB size limit is not enabled.

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Good Addition

by IC-IT In reply to System Info

I always seem to forget that dang Jumper option, Thanks

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