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Maxtor HDD SMART Problem, HELP!

By vanNistelrooy ·
Hello everyone, im a newbie here. i want to ask does anyone know how to fix my problem. my problem is when i boot my pc, during the ide devices scan it will prompt hdd smart command failed..but still the hdd can be detected in the bios. when i run maxtor powerdiag, i got the following error codes: "Y2MVL1"(only once) and "Y2MSY2"..the hdd can be low level formatted but the process always halts on the error code "Y2MSY2"..

help ?

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by pctech In reply to Maxtor HDD SMART Problem, ...

Bad news. BACKUP your files NOW.
The smart capable hard drives were able to self diagnose the onboard controller of the hard drive. When this controller fails, so does the hard drive. Backup your critical files and replace the hard drive. Now is better than later. Later will be too late.

I hope this helps you.

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by rkoenn In reply to Maxtor HDD SMART Problem, ...

As with the previous comment, your hard drive is probably about to have a complete failure. If it is still booting or readable you need to get your data off of it immediately. If it is still intact you can buy a new drive and use either the included utilities or Norton Ghost or such to copy the old drive to the new one. My experience, a fair amount, has shown me that once the smart function detects a problem it is usually not too long at all before the drive becomes unusable. And the fact the Maxtor utilities are indicating problems (I don't know their error codes) just verifies the drive is going bad. It can be as quick as the next boot and you could lose the drive completely.

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by wlbowers In reply to Maxtor HDD SMART Problem, ...

The new hard drives had built in software that monitors the operation of the drive and electronics.

As this software watches the operation of the drive if it sees errors, ( this could be anything from transfer, crc, block mapping, ext) it will provide you with what you got.

This is to allow you to backup your data, buy a bottle of Wild Turkey, beat it with a hammer.

What ever might be you way of dealing with the concept that your drive is crashing.

Most people I know, including most customers, will ignore the warnings or turn off SMART all together.

Maby it's the thrill of seeing that black screen with the words No Operating System Found.

Log on to maxtors site and check if the drive is still in warranty. If so file a request for replacement.

You will need the error code.

Buy the way FYI, a hard drive can be putting out smoke and still be recognized by the bios.


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