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What do i do to repair the Maxtor One Touch ii hard drive as it has started to cause errors sending my main computer into blue screen mode. Is their a driver update i can down load to repair?
Do i send it away to be repaired?

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The best thing to do is to get a new drive and transfer the data

by Deadly Ernest In reply to MAXTOR ONE TOUCH II

as soon as possible as once a drive starts to give errors, it has long for this world and then the data's lost.

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The most important thing to do here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to MAXTOR ONE TOUCH II

Is to backup your Data and save it elsewhere. After that if the Maxtor is Under Guarantee you can send it back to the place that you purchased it from and get it replaced UG or if it is no longer UG the cheapest way is to replace the drive.

Though these external Enclosures and Drive Kits are not the best way to go as they do not adequately protect the HDD as well as they could. It is much better to buy an external case like the MX1 from Antec


And fit a HDD to that. These actively cooled cases prevent the HDD's overheating and they last considerably longer. I would also recommend Seagate HDD's as they come with a 5 year Guarantee so they have the likely hood of lasting longer than other HDD's from different makers.


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