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Maxtor One Touch III

By HaroldTotten ·
I recently bought a 160GB Maxtor One Touch III because I wanted what was inside. I removed the 2 Phillips screws. How do I remove the drive from the case?

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Drive removal - Brute force and ignorance

by fumel In reply to Maxtor One Touch III

Hi Harold,

I damn near ripped the outer casing to get to the drive, but it can be done. Once you've removed the two screws in the back (including the one under the warranty sticker), you need to remove the top and bottom plastic covers. Just lift up one edge and push in with your fingers until you feel the tabs disengage from the slots. Of course, if you don't want the case, you can just rip off the plastic top and bottom.

Once that's done, the aluminum sides can be pulled out of their slots as well. There are also four screws on the bottom to which the drive is attached.

Sorry this isn't very descriptive, but I've done it without breaking anything. If you need help, I'll put together some photos for you.

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Brutal, but it works!

by gelfling6 In reply to Drive removal - Brute for ...

I've extracted 2 80GB drives this way, for two Dell Lat-C610's I own. The OT3's were cheaper than the Sea & Max ATA drives of the exact same model.

The Plastic case is difficult to open, expecially the side covers, but once opened, the aluminum shell is simple removal of the metal tape, the screws, then the metal plates. The Interface can still be used as a external drive adaptor, no matter what size ATA drive attached. I never used the software, since the majority of the time, the drives were re formatted as EXT3 (Linux).


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