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Maybe I'm way off here but......

By dmc332 ·
I'm still fairly new to my job (8 months) as a Tech Support Specialist in a fairly small IT department of 3.

We recently implemented a Microsoft Exchange email server. Because the Network Admin's plate is already so full, I have become our Exchange Administrator. I have no MS Cert in Exchange, but took an Exchange Admin class before this all got started.

My question is...
Am I right to believe that I should receive a decent salary increase because of the added responsibility ? I wouldlike to hear from anyone who has been in this position. Or just anyone's thoughts on the subject.

This has changed my daily activities quite a bit (I have lost no Tech support responsibilities), and it was not part of my original job description.

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Think Positive...

by omie In reply to Maybe I'm way off here bu ...

You said you barely had a 8 months as a tech and I think the opportunity was great for you that you were given that chance to have mre responsibility on your plate. The company is giving you a trust and chance to learn. On a positive side it is a good transition to set put on the administrative side. The time you are using to do the management of exchange would be considered as an investment and it will be your asset later on in life. Exchange management is just a part of network management andyou have set your foot to move forward.

Will regards to your salary... let it float a little bit time. Your company might be looking for your development so hang on anfd let them know your capabilities and who knows when they found out that you could do the job they will adjust your check accordingly. IN due time you are not satisfied with your salary and you think you deserve a better job and it is time to move on, it is time to look for another job. Personally I am one of a person who moves from one employer to another employer. You can't recieve a 30% increase from your salary if you stay on the same employer.. the most you could get is 6% or sometimes nothing.Changing your employer at times you could get wide range of increase but you onnly realize thos big increment if you are updated and accomulated enough knowhow in the feild.

Like I said.. "taking new plate and learn more will be a wise investment and later on it will be a bagaining asset. You may not see the rewards now but you will reap them later"

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Large salary increases

by generalist In reply to Think Positive...

It is possible to receive a large increase in pay when you stay with an employer. My biggest single jump was 38% with a conservative organization that had been around seventy some odd years.

Of course it does require special conditions. Having the right job skills in a hot job market helps. So does starting at a rate that is below local market standards.

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Review cycles

by generalist In reply to Maybe I'm way off here bu ...

Find out if there is a formal review cycle for the company. Many times the custom is to do an annual review and adjust salaries and job responsibilities accordingly.

If the company is a good one that bases salaries and job positions on what you do, you'll receive adequate compensation.

In some instances you may need to be 'promoted' to a new position so that management can justify the additional pay.

Of course, if it looks like management isn't going to do something about the extra load by providing extra compensation, start looking for another job while doing the best you can with your current job.

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Chance to learn.

by tbragsda In reply to Maybe I'm way off here bu ...

I have responded to two questions like this today. I think your, and the earlier poster are missing something. What you can learn. You should be thankful that you have the opportunity to learn, not expect some big bucks. This, just like any other profession REQUIRES you to pay some dues. If you are working somewhere where your skills are growing, great.

I have been around a very long time, but I do recall starting out. I jumped into any and all projects, responsibilities etc. I could.I worked at several places where I did lots of extra work with other teams very quietly just to get my hands on different technologies. Wait, learn, and your salary will come along.

Your new to your admin responsibilities right? When somthing goes wrong, and it will, who will step in to fix the problem? The Sr. Admin. Learn from your experences, his, and anyone else that will share.

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Wait for the review....

by LordInfidel In reply to Maybe I'm way off here bu ...

It will come.... just be patient.

I've never taken a class in exchange, so I can't tell you what you did or did not learn.

But I do have my exch cert and there is a lot to running exchange then just mailbox administration.

You are in a unique position if you have only been in IT for 8 months and you are allowed to be in charge of exchange. So I would then assume that your sys admin trusts you enough to use it.

When I first started in IT many years ago, my sys admin did not allow meto touch the servers until I passed my srvr exam. It was more a carrot dangling then anything else.

My point being, don't worry about the cash. If you are good at what you do, it will come.
Take the time now to learn exchange.

Since you arein charge of it, make sure that it was installed correctly. I know the first time I installed exchange, I had no idea what I was doing; I got it to work, but the hardware subsystem was all wrong.

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You'll get one eventually

by admin In reply to Maybe I'm way off here bu ...

if all goes well. (actually I'm not sure being given Exchange is the esiest long term first project). Until you have some more experience I would say that even if you politely ask (which I probably would inquire) and don't get anything now you should feel pretty lucky to have this job right now, it's not an exactly easy thing to do at this time. I know a lot of people right now that would love to get into an admin position and would do almost anything to prove they can do it.


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Right to think, Expect?

by TheChas In reply to Maybe I'm way off here bu ...

Like anyone, you tend to expect a wage increase when your responsibilities increase.

The likeliness of an increase depends a LOT on the structure of the company.

Most places where I have worked, there has been a very structured wage and benefit package.
The ONLY way to get a significant increase is to change positions, or work with your supervisor (or department head) to get your position re-defined.

Annual increases are often limited to the cost of living. Managers often are limited in what they can do to give an employee a significant increase.

When I was last in a review judgment position, we were given a fixed amount of additional money for the department. Typically, the amount was the cost of living increase plus 1% for "merit".

Under this kind of system, the only way to give one employee a large increase was to short-change the others in the group.

My point, verify that you will continue to be in charge of the exchange server.
If so, work WITH your supervisor to get your job re-classified within the companies compensation guidelines.

If this is a small firm, nearly anything goes, as they often pay based on talent and needs.


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Money grabbing...

by GuruOfDos In reply to Right to think, Expect?


We just hired 6 menials, and they gross more than I do. I run the entire show, they knock nails into pieces of wood and shovel snow!

They are given an extra ?50 (US$75) a day on top of their salary as an incentive.

The reason...theywork 2-3 month shifts in a very hostile environment, in a very unstable part of Eastern Europe. The incentive has to be there, otherwise for the salary we pay, we'd get no takers!

The point is....would you do what you do if you knew you'd get no extra pay, or is the only reason you have taken it on is to get extra??

Perhaps you were being vastly overpaid in your former role and they have had to give you extra duties to justify your salary!!!

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I don't understand!

by Thamer In reply to Maybe I'm way off here bu ...

You seem to be worried about an ancrease in your salary more than being the administartor of an exchange server ... who has no skills.

I think your woories should be toward holding/keeping your position ... on the next exchange problem.

There is no secrets to hide .... educate yourself, learn, be prepared ... and probably one day you will recieve an exchange server email notification ... saying that your salary has increased.

Take care.

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Off base, no...a ltlle early..yes

by MallardtooXX In reply to Maybe I'm way off here bu ...

It is never off base to expect a pay increase if you have earned it. In eight months of tech work I am sorry, you have not earned a large increase. These guys are right, you are lucky, the economy is not the strongest right now. There is a glut of more qualified techs and admins out there that would be happy to just have a job and would not care what the salary was.

I would say, like lord and admin said, wait for your 1 year review. If you haven't lived through a major disaster yet they may be waiting to see how you handle it, things of this nature. You are new to the field, but you will find you will be over worked, overlooked and under appriciated for a long time. You will make the money, it is there to be made, but you have to earn it. Fight the battles, live through the crashes and the hacks, the viruses and the users. There are a lot of people who would kill to be in your spot, remember that. Someday, someone who is not grumbling about salary may walk through the door, and he or she may be far more qualified to do your job than you are. Take this time and use it as a learning experience, have them pay you by footing the bill for some education that will make you far more marketable. I think everyone here would agree.

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