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    Maybe someone is interested. Intel Arc 770 on linux.


    by sakes-tatami-0h ·


    I bought a Intel Arc 770 to use it with my new 4k monitor. I’m running Manjaro stable, but with the Kernel 6.2 rc1. It runs quiet well. I had a hard time get it to run on my old hardware (i7 4790k). I had to hack into the bios and flash it afterwards for getting the rebar feature, which the gpu needs. Without, I was only able to allocate 256mb vram.

    So far it runs well. Performance in CSGO is great and a lot of other games run fine as well. Games which use the unreal engine have a hard time to run. I do not really know why. I tested them with different proton versions as well as proton ge. Without -dx12 the games do not start at all when using proton and are crashing my pc when I use proton ge. With -dx12 they do not crash. In the next days I will test with Manjaro unstable and the new Kernel 6.2 rc2. Maybe I will try to compile Mesa. If you are interested, I will keep you updated.

    I wish you all a happy new year.

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