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MBA or ITM or PM

By luayb ·
After many years of programming and application analysis what is the next step for IT people which better if an IT person would like to pursue the master study ? is it master of IT management or MBA or master of project management?

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ROI on your education investment.

by mcnamara.kieran In reply to MBA or ITM or PM

Sorry to distract you from your selection of possible paths to follow, but I thought I would share a conversation I had this weekend. I was speaking with 3 friends who took time out of work to complete full time MBA's 5 years ago. They all agreed that there had been no ROI for them on a proffessional level (taking account of lost income, fees and self support costs), but huge gains on a personal level. What ever you choose (and I do encourage your development) look at the part time options so you can maintain income and job continuity while you study. Also you may find sponsorship from an employer if the course is relevant to the current business.

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IS it worthy?

by luayb In reply to ROI on your education inv ...

I was intrested hearing some of experiences but it was from costing wise and its avery major perspective , yeah iam thinking part time studing and part time job , but is it worthy ? and it seems from your opinion that ROI from MBA less than the others whereas PM and ITM has adirect relation to our work.
thanks to share your ideas

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Career Plans...

by mnjenga In reply to MBA or ITM or PM

It depends on your Career Plans (What you wanna be when you grow up further...LOL)
The course content and specialization options available in the particular academic offering you are looking at play a major role in making this decision.I think it is advisable to look deeper into a course content especially academic (Under or post graduate) and understand how the various areas of study align or synchronize with where you want to go or what you want to be - career wise. The first step in advancing your academics is establishing and understanding what you want or/and need....

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