MBR to GPT Conversion

By YTony ·
When I tried to search for this topic on the web, people post many lengthy and confusing items to just do one simple task.

This is all you need to know how to do an MBR to a GPT Conversion:

Reason: To allow unlimited amount of partitions.
MBR = Master Boot Record
GPT = GUID Partition Table

1. Suspend Bitlocker(other encryption) if it's running.
2. Open CMD with Admin rights.
3. Key in "diskpart" then Enter to check the # of partitions.
4. Key in "lis dis" then Enter to show the # of drives. Close dispart.
5. Key in "mbr2gpt.exe /convert /disk:disk# /allowfullOS" then Enter.
6. Restart and get into BIOS and make these changes:
b. Secured boot

Note "disk#" is the C HDD found when you run 'lis dis' in step #4.

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