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By tharfunk ·
How dose the MBR work, and is there a program that can be run from a cd when the system is down? I can get the cd rom to work but when I run my xp pro cd it gets to the " setup will now start windows " screen and hangs. Any suggestions on what I might try? I have a MSI mother board (ms 6769 ver:1) 512 meg ram, Nvidia geforce mmx 440 w/8agp 128meg ram, dual hdd (niether works @ present), dvd cd rom drive, cd r/rw drive, 3.5 floppy drive that will access. I am using a dell inlpiron to log onto the net. It has a cd burner installed if that helps. It has no other drives. I need help. Thanks to all.

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by CG IT In reply to MBR


what you need is a Windows 98 floppy boot disk with the Fdisk utility and hard drives that work.

To fix a master boot record, boot from the W98 floppy boot disk. change directories to C: at the command prompt c: type fdisk/mbr which rewrites the master boot record [for FAT32].

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MBR

The MBR works much the same as a FAT it maps the drive and then stores where different data is stored so it can access it when required. That Data can be files that you have created or programs either way it's all the same to the MBR.

As for your current problem it very much sounds as if the HDD is no longer working or somehow it has been deleted in BIOS so that when you run the Windows XP CD it isn't seeing a valid HDD in the computer that is why the Windows Setup is failing.

Now since you have said that you have 2 HDD installed are they jumpered properly? You need to set one as a Master and the other as a Slave and then insert the end socket of the IDE Lead into the Master Drive and the middle socket into the Slave Drive. You may also have to go into BIOS and detect the HDD's. Depending on the brand of BIOS installed on the MSI M'Board this can range from Auto Detecting in a area of BIOS to just allowing the computer to see what it has connected. If you have both drives set to Master or Slave they will not work and if they are both set to CS {Cable Select} they still may not work because the IDE lead is unsuitable for that job as well as the M'Board possibly. Try unplugging one of the HDD from the computer and that means removing both the power & IDE lead and see if you can get one to be read by the computers BIOS, if you can then see one HDD unplug the working one and plug in the other one and see if that is seen by BIOS if it is you have a jumper setting problem which will have to be rectified before you can proceed any further.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

If neither of the drives are seen change the IDE lead and try again and if that fails place one of the HDD's on the secondary IDE Bus the one with the CD/DVD ROM on and then see if it is recognised by BIOS it's just possible that the primary IDE controller has failed.

If you can get one HDD working you can then go to the Web Site of the maker of the drive and download a Drive testing utility and test the drive to make sure that it is fully functional and doesn't have any problems if it passes the test repeat the same procedure on the second drive and again see if it is working properly. If both drives pass the tests and you have then jumpered correctly on a good IDE Lead that should cure your current problems.


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by jkaras In reply to MBR

hmmm... well I can tell you that recently I built a DFI 939 pin 64 bit machine with all the trimmings. I too had an issue with a legit XP pro cd that would get most of the way through the loading of the OS only to fail during the setup following the formatting. For some reason or another that XP disk that had sp2 on it failed everytime, but not on anyother pc I attempted to load on. I switched copies with a friend for a basic XP pro, no sp2 and it loaded like a dream. I bet if you pop another OS disk in there it will load fine. If so then it is a bios update. So far many 64 bit motherboards just dont jive with sp2 requiring the dreaded bios update. Even following the install I had to update the bios to make everything work right. It was quite the headache.

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by pctechmike In reply to MBR

Here is the initial answer:
It sounds as if your HD is possibly bad. I'm almost certain it's a hardware issue, and this is why Windows is hanging at a certain point. I would run some type of diagnostic software (that you can boot to) for the hardware. Not sure of any free ones, but it's a step towards fixing the issue.
There are some OSs that run off of CD, for example, Knoppix. If you're not used to Linux, this may be a good time to start learning also. You can download the ISO image from many differnet places on the net.

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by OTL In reply to MBR

Sounds like you may have a bad HD controller. (part of the HD assembly). (One is streaming on the buss and not letting the other be seen). Remove the secondary cables, PC boots then the slave was bad. Otherwise swap the cables from the primary to the secondary and reboot, if it says no OS the problem HD was the primary.
If you have the same indication remove all cables to all perifrial devices (dvd cd rom drive, cd r/rw drive, 3.5 floppy drive) to attempt to find the offending piece of equipment.

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by Sardukkan In reply to MBR

Does either drive appear correctly in the BIOS? You should be able to see all of the IDE devices that the system "Looks" at during post.

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