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McAfee CREATE RESCUE DISK does not work.

By Ebla ·
I have McAfee VirusScan Online and its option Create Rescue Disk does not work (also I have McAfee Firewall, but the problem is previous). My connection is LAN broadband by cable modem. Persistently the program sends this message: Download of component failed. I have tried thousand times verifying all details, including all kind of consultations to McAfee and reinstallation; McAfee staff gives incoherent useless answers. I gave up as for McAfee. Could some partner from TechRepublic help me? Many thanks.

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McAfee CREATE RESCUE DISK does not work.

by RCOM In reply to McAfee CREATE RESCUE DISK ...

To manually create a rescue disk:

Create a Windows 98/ME Startup Disk.

Download the Command Line Scanner BOOTSCAN.EXE using the following link.

Save it to the desktop or ifthe file downloads automatically and you don't know where it went use "Find Files and Folders" to search for it. Type in the downloaded filename "" in the search window.

Unzip the File:
1. Insert the floppy disk into the A: drive.
2.Right click on "" and click Extract to.
3. Type A and click 'Extract'.

Write-protect the Startup Disk and BootScan Disk

To update the DAT files on your emergency disk:

The Emergency Disk creation utility uses a special set of DAT files to build your clean-boot disk. These files are designed to detect and remove boot sector/master boot record viruses. They do not detect macro viruses and non-memory-resident viruses because these can be cleaned with your regular version of VirusScan. Or again use the search function to find the files. The files are located in the VirusScan folder on your hard drive and are named:


Simply copy the files to the rescue disk and rename the files by removing EM from the beginning of each name. So that they are named as follows:


After the files exsist delete them from the floppy first before creating the new ones.

These files are updated along with the scanengine on an as-needed basis. Just replace the files on the floppy after you update.

For related files and info go to the following link.

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McAfee CREATE RESCUE DISK does not work.

by Ebla In reply to McAfee CREATE RESCUE DISK ...

Thank you very much. Your advice was not directly applicable because VirusScan Online seems to be structured differently from what you presume, but you gave me a good idea to find the crucial BOOTSCAN in McAfee ( I cross fingers in case I need it. Best regards from Chile, the Finis Terrae. Ebla.

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McAfee CREATE RESCUE DISK does not work.

by Ebla In reply to McAfee CREATE RESCUE DISK ...

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