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    Mcafee & MimeSweeper


    by kkc ·


    We are running Mcafee Groupshield for Exchange
    5.2 & ClearSwift Mailsweeper 4.3.13 on our
    windows 2000/Exchange 2000 server.

    I’m fairly happy with both products, tho both
    are missing some features that we could really

    The issue is, that both of these versions are
    now ‘old’, and both companies are pushing their
    new versions big time.

    Groupshield 6 & MimeSweeper 5.0

    I have looked at these 2 versions, and in fact
    tried to install Groupshield 6, which was a huge
    disaster, so I had to back it out. Also reviews
    on the web for Groupshield 6 are TERRIBLE – it
    seems everybody says to stay with 5.2 for now.

    Mimesweeper 5.0 I’ve investigated, and it requires technology, which I refuse to run on a
    domain controller (for security reasons), and our
    mail server is a domain controller.

    I am considering scrapping both products and moving to products instead, or
    possibly other products.

    My questions are:

    1) Any experiences with Groupshield 6 & MimeSweeper 5.0 that are very positive?

    2) What do you all think of GFI products?

    3) Any other stellar products in this niche?

    4) Any other polite comments welcome.



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