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Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild card

By jasonlfarrell ·

I work from home using a desktop and laptop which have just been upgraded to Win7 Ultimate. I used F-Secure as my anti-virus, anti malware etc before I upgraded the O/S. I've not used Mcafee and Norton before and liked them both, I would like some feedback on them and anyother anti virus protection> I dont want to use or install avg or any of the free AV or Kaspersky..Any recommendations.

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My experiences

by shasca In reply to Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild ...

I had Mcafee suite on my Dell purchased in 2007. I have since disabled I have disabled it.
Windows Defender seems to work well without the system g being the system resource hog that Mac is.

We use Symatec where I work, and support, but that is the Business Version. You can have the same experience if you get just the Av, and not the suite.

So between Sym, and Wind. Def. you should be well protected. But only if you practice safe Interent cruising. You go to the wrong sites, and no product can totally protect your system.

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My experience of the Domestic Norton's Products

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild ...

Is that they are resource Hogs and slow the system down dramatically. It is hard to configure and often attacked.

Mcafee is as useful as teats on a Bull and I do not use it.

For Malware the best product that I have used is Malware Bytes


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For home use

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild ...

I stick with the free offerings. Was AVG, now Avast. Coupled with FF and various add ons, and intelligent usage habits, never had a problem.

Norton I won't go near, flakey resource hog. Macaffee is what we use at work, not suer whether it's used badly or it's just bad, but the end result isn't anything to write home about.

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For me...

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild ...

I prefer Norton for home use; i tried Norton and McAfee and found the Norton is much lighter on the PC.
I removed McAfee in the second day, its resource hungry application.
Actually both of them will slow down the PC, but Norton still much lighter.

For work i use Symantec.

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Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild card

by wysetech2000 In reply to Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild ...

I have tried several Anti-Virus programs including McAfee and Norton and now i use ESET Nod 32. It won't eat your computer resources for lunch to do it's job.

Since NO Anti-Virus can deal with Malware i use the purchased version of Malwarebytes to suppliment Nod.

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Before Nortons new release..

by Shellbot In reply to Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild ...

I would have said that I found it OK.
With new 2010 version, its a heap of garbage..
Its hungry and slows down my machine badly somedays. Its not very very configurable for some things.
Having intermittent problems with it, some nights my laptop is unusable..other nights is perfectly fine.

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by jfuller05 In reply to Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild ...

I wouldn't use Norton because of the burden it puts on a computer. It immerses itself into your registry and like I said, can be a burden on your computer. I've never heard any complaints from people that use Mcafee; I've never used it before, but the IT team at the college I went to used it on their network. Computer Associates (CA) is a good AV.

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Norton was my fave in the past until...

by DKeith45 In reply to Mcafee Or Norton Or Wild ...

I used to be a hard core Norton fan... till I started running into problems updating the program. For example, I had been using Norton System Works 2003, then tried to upgrade to Norton SystemWorks 2005 and it wouldn't, because it kept telling me that there was still an older version installed... nothing would get rid of it... I finally got a several page long instruction set from Symantec's website and had to get into the registry and tediously delete any reference to symantec to finally rid my system of the damn'd program, lol. Since then I've been using Avast, a free anti-virus with a pro version available for a fee. The free version works fine for me so far.

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