McAfee pre-installed trial ver. removal

By osbert50 ·
Greetings all.I need advise on removing a pgm .I'm not sure where I locate the little %$#@.The mcafee download mgr. prompt contiues to appear as well as an error prompt indicating that part of the pre-installed is missing.Of course trying to contact McAfee is near impossible;and getting a fix from them;;;well.Appreciate;I am thoroughly enjoying xp and PC in general;however have limited ability in knowledge;but do know there is a process to remove the feature.The PC I upgrade with xp has ME and of course that is where McAfee was installed;and it migrate to my upgrade xp. Thanks Jerry

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I hate trial versions

by Tig2 In reply to McAfee pre-installed tria ...

I am hearing you say that you are not a support tech level user. That means that I don't want to send you into the registry. The registry can be a dangerous place if you don't know exactly what you are doing.

I would suggest that you download and use a very clean tool called Crap Cleaner. It is easy (to me) to understand and has a nice GUI interface. Unless you tell it not to, it will root around the registry and find all fragments that are in the hives. It will ask you what you want done with them. In MOST cases, just delete them. The message you should see will say something like "This is a fragment of a file you have deleted. Deleting it will not harm your system."

Do be very careful about dealing directly with your registry. Before taking any action, make a backup of your registry and your system. If you have a more experienced person around that can help you with this, that would be best.

Best of luck!

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McAfee pre-install trial ver. removal

by osbert50 In reply to McAfee pre-installed tria ...

I downloaded the cc utility & used it.Hope it worked.I have been involved with HP online Techs;I have a M7580N;bought in Aug/06;out for repairs; Hard Drive failure.I'm using my Pav 6736 while I wait for other unit.I find it a real challenge to use some of the tools they use for diagnostics;not much success with solving a problem with replacement hd;noisy when reading data.Tech says some hd's are that way .My claim is I bought a pc with a quietHD; reliable;etc; etc.Now I have a noisy PC;unreliable;sitting in a tech's shop and I've only owned it and used it a few times;go figure.Thanks for the info on the utility Jerry

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