mcafee preinstall ver. removal

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I have a pav6736 with 192ram that came with ME platform &Mcafee.I upgraded to homexp and find that mcafee followed alone and causes conflict with other pgms.How do I remove the virus scan file;I recieve err prompts that "part of the vs is missing;followed by a "download manager" link page.I tried the Mcafee site including several options for removal of this file.I found 1 file id of a possible7 and removed it ;the other file id's were not there .The problem remains.I appreciate and help and being a beginner as far as computer literacy;struggle with terms etc.appologies. thanks Jerry

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When you upgraded from ME to XP did you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to mcafee preinstall ver. re ...

Leave the option in place to remove the upgrade?

If so remove XP and when you are back in ME you will be able to remove the Problem program as it's not XP Compliant.

If you can not get into the OS at all you'll have to save your existing data by removing the HDD and fitting it to a USB Caddy and save your data then with something like Boot & Nuke wipe the drive and then reinstall XP.

As this is an Upgrade you'll need the ME Install/Recovery CD and you'll be asked to insert it into the CD ROM drive but then the XP install process will proceed.

When you have XP installed you can then load all your required software and at this stage if you have any that isn't compatible with XP you will be told.

Once you have the OS & required software installed you can replace your Data by whatever means you have available from a CD/DVD that was burnt on another computer or run it from a Network Share or anything of the like depending on what you have available.

For your Documents & Favourites you can just copy them back into their folders but for all your stored E-Mail and Address Book you are going to have to Import this back into the program/s that you are using for these.

Once you have the system running correctly again you can then instigate a DR Plan where you backup your data so that in the event of something going wrong latter you have all your data backed up and can just dump this to another computer or this computer once it's been repaired so you do not loose anything important.


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