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McAfee Security Journal, an agenda?

By jdclyde ·

I find I am more likely to believe a review from newsforge than I am from McAfee. Make up your own mind. This is from the review that is linked to above.

If you are a typical Windows user, un- or ill-informed about what free software and open source are all about, you'll probably lap up Sage because its deceptions go right over your head and it allows you to feel warm and fuzzy about using proprietary software like Windows and McAfee products instead of that evil open source, or even the hybrid evil of Mac OS X. I'm sure the Windows trade press and Microsoft's public relations folks will like it, too. Watch for selective quotes from Sage appearing on or in Microsoft ads in the near future.

But if you are knowledgeable about open source software, or the debate over full-disclosure in the world of computer security, you'll find Sage one-sided and lacking in substance. Open source is the least of Microsoft's security problems. McAfee's business model depends upon that teeming cesspool of insecurity, however, so it shies away from the real issues and fundamental causes. McAfee wants to address those issues in the same way the pharmaceutical firms want to see the threat of AIDS disappear.

In this first issue, Sage goes beyond simple disingenuousness and attempts to frame open source as the fall guy for all the ills wrought by malware. Glib? Certainly. Superficial? Beyond question. Sage? No.

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McAfee is to security

by Jaqui In reply to McAfee Security Journal, ...

as activex is to security.
since McAfee requires using the critical security hole called activex, their entire product line is a 100% waste of time and money.

After all, activex has ZERO security concerns addressed in it's design and implementation, and should be declared a SOX violation technology.

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by Old Guy In reply to McAfee is to security

We have used McAfee Enterprise on our network for about the past 15 years and have not had any outbreaks the whole time. When it comes to our network I try to go with what has proven itself--not the hype that may go with it. Just as in politics, I look at the actions not the words. There may be better or safer products but after 15 years I have to go with what has worked for us. I'm not trying to sell anyone on McAfee but I've been happy with the product for us. Of course, if for some reason McAfee loses it's mind and quits working then you bet we'll be looking for something else.

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