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McAfee software uninstall problem

By mbertel ·
I have tried a few times to uninstall McAfee virus software package. I first looked to see if there was an uninstall program to unintstall McAfee and there was none. I then went to control panel and went to the add/remove applet and noticed that McAfee was recognized as still being on the computer. I tried several times to uninstall McAfee and was not successful. I kept getting the window asking if I wanted to either repair or remove the software. I select remove and it acts like it is uninstalling and I start getting error messages saying there was a problem installing the software. Funny thing is I'm trying to uninstall the software not install. The computer I am trying to uninstall the software runs win xp pro. Any help on this little problem will be appreciated. I also noticed that on this same machine that whenever outlook is being opened another error message comes up indicated a .dll is missing ( the .dll is called hawk or hawkeye.dll ) Thank you


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by dmiles In reply to McAfee software uninstall ...

Did you close the program before performing the uninstall,this will cause a similar problem

Check Programs Menu to see if you have the uninstall software,if so try this

The other option would be to reinstall the program and consult the read me file for uninstall info.

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by LMon In reply to McAfee software uninstall ...

Try this go to start and run type msconfig then go the services tab uncheck everything from mcafee hit the apply button close and restart the computer. this not let Mcafee start up. Then try add/remove programs once again. If that does not work try using the cd to uninstall the program or repair the missing files. Then start from the top again to see it will remove the files. If you still are having problems go here:

Win xp

Win ME/98

Remove any spaces fromt the links!

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by pierrejamme In reply to McAfee software uninstall ...

hawk.dll is from:
do you have the "Hawk Game engine" installed on your computer? if not, download stinger and look for a virus. Stinger can be downloaded for free at:

You did not mention the version of McAfee, but the hawk.dll seems to be tied to Mcafee Viruscan Home 7.0 & 8.0. See reviews at Amazon:

Also check out the forum discussion at McAfee:
they are saying that the hawk.dll and Mcaffe have a registration conflict.

Here is McAfee's link for Uninstalling version 5,6 &7:

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to McAfee software uninstall ...

I use McAfee, and the unistall sucks. I've had to do a reinstall to fully restore all missing files. If asked about letting certain things run at startup, say no. After the program installs, you can go to each service and uncheck everything and reboot. Then you should be able to do your unistall.

As a side note, HAWK is a portion of McAfee. It runs within outlook and outlook express. Basically it monitors your email for virus like activity. Ie: email sent to a certain number or people or certain percentage of the address book.


PS.. I have the complete unistall instructions. On a 9x machine, it leaves the registation info in the registry

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by colin.mac In reply to McAfee software uninstall ...

Do you use the system restore function in Windows XP PRO ? If not I would start, its' available under the system tools in Accessories from the main programs menu. It's quite straight forward to use, it basically takes your system back in time to when the system was stable(or in this case when you might be able to remove Mcafees without any problem). I've come across this problem with MCafee's numerous times and even after deleting every item in the registry relating to Mcafee's it still wouldn't budge so i would advise you to cut your losses now, backup everything you want of the hard drives and re-install Windows.

The hawk.dll problem you were receiving when you opened outlook was because outlook still looks for the hawk add in, to resolve this issue once outlook has opened click on Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > Add in Manager and then untick the add in relating to hawk. Click on OK x 3 times and then close out of Outlook and restart it.

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