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By rsabillon ·
I need to install a Antivirus Program in a corporation, and i have two options, the first one is NAV and the second one is McAFEE, i need to know if you have a analysis of both in order to be able to make a decision.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to McAFEE Vrs. NAV

i like the support for NAV. that is what i use. works great.

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by Greybeard770 In reply to McAFEE Vrs. NAV

I have used Norton for over 10 years with excellent results. One of the great things about Norton is the centralized server that distributes to all clients automatically. We run Norton on our SMTP gateway, Exchange server and desktops - 3 different products. You will find people who say good thing about McAfee or FPROT or whatever.
The main thing is that you have something and that it gets updated as frequently as possible. Updating daily is not too often.

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by CG IT In reply to McAFEE Vrs. NAV

I run Norton Corporate Antivirus 8.1. Handles W2K servers [3 of em] Exchange Server and a web server plus 50 workstations. Once configured, I really dont do anything with it. It scans everything including Exchange Server, updates it self and all servers and workstations] , removes and quarrentines viruses, sends me a email if it finds something, or stops working.

Most all AV's do pretty much the same thing and have the same virus definitions. I just use Norton because years ago I tried McAfee and had so much problem with it I threw the floppys out the windows [literally] and tried Norton. Worked like a champ first time out. That was 7 years ago and I haven't tried McAfee since then so can't say. Others here have mixed things to say about both McAfee and Norton and opt for other AV makers. Don't limit your choice to just McAfee or Norton.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to McAFEE Vrs. NAV

Here is another vote for Symantec NAV.
I used to use Mcafee Netshield (and ViruScan) for all servers and workstations. The updating of the DAT files was difficult, since you had to set up each client manually and individually. I used to download the DATs onto a central server, put the new DATs in a shared folder that all clients could access, then set up each client to pull the DATs from this central server. This way, only 1 machine was going to the Internet to get the new DATs. That cut down on bandwidth, and did work OK for me.
But the client setups were all done on each client machine. If there was a problem with Mcafee on a client, there was no central reporting telling me this; I had to just find out either by the user telling me, or by just stumbling over the fact that on CLIENT1 it was not working.
And the centralized reporting of viruses was not that good in Mcafee either.
Lastly is the scan types. Mcafee Netshield (v4.5) by default only scans certain file extensions. This could let viruses slip through.
Plus, my only virus problem I've ever had involved a virus known as Elkern (dropped by Klez; I didn't get Klez, but the Elkern it dropped hit one of my servers, and spread to a few others). Mcafee could NOT handle the strain when this Elkern virus hit the servers. This virus appended itself to any .EXE file on the infected machine. Mcafee ran for a while, cleaning EXE files as they were infected, but eventually it crashed under the strain. This happened to 3 different file servers!
Basically, that was the last straw! We got rid of Mcafee after that.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to

Now, let's talk about why Symantec is better. First off, I'm running Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.0 on 100+ clients, including servers. It is wonderful! The NT Client Install option of PUSHING the NAV client onto machines is great! No walking to new workstations, nor is there any manual config. You push the client onto the workstation from the NAV server, and the new client is auto-configured to pull from the NAV box, quarantine to it (with the Central Quarantine), and to get its MicroDEF updates from it.
I just sit back, let Symantec run, and everything works great! Any infected files get quarantined, and the NAV server is informed of this. I just use my NAV admin client on my laptop to connect to the NAV server, and I can see the whole NAV system. I can clear out stuff from quarantine, reset client infection statistics, push new clients to systems, see if a client hasn't updated its MicroDEFs in a while.
Centralized administration.
Symantec is great! I do recommend it!!!

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by ewgny In reply to McAFEE Vrs. NAV

I also used to use Mcafee Netshield and ViruScan.
I never updated properly. I switched to Trend Micro Officescan/Serverscan (Which uninstalled Mcafee for me). Is there a reason you are not considering Trend Micro? I have found it to be easy to deploy & manage and I have been virus free for years now. It's cheaper too.

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by ewgny In reply to

"It" never updated properly

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by shaun_davies In reply to McAFEE Vrs. NAV

I install symantec corporate & multi tier on all sites, its an in house thing. personally I think its crap, you need to keep rebooting the server as its scrwe itself up, anyone seen that exclamation mark in the corner of the screen.look at symantecs website and some of the problems there.used mcafees epo at my lst place and it was excellent found lots of virus which our previous anti virus had missed
mcafee is the way to go

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by stdenc In reply to McAFEE Vrs. NAV


NAV have already established its leadership in terms of System Security.

anyone using trendmicro here? there are some virus/variants which it has failed to detect only only after two to three months did it release a patch...

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