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McAffee antivirus 4.xx

By chriske911 ·
is there a simple way to deploy a change of download path to an internal server for the DAT files in a workgroup (not a domain)
this should be aplied to 100 or what workstations,
for Norton there was LUAU but for McAffee I did not find a similar tool,

has someone already found a solution for this
without buying yet another management utility, (LUAU was a free utility)

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McAffee antivirus 4.xx

by Joseph Moore In reply to McAffee antivirus 4.xx

I did this a year ago with a .REG file I put in the users logon scripts. It worked like a champ!

Here is the contents of the Registry file (I called the file MCDAT.REG):


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\TVD\Shared Components\McUpdate\CurrentVersion\Update\Update Site1]


Change MACHINENAME with the machine name you will be keeping the DAT files on.
Change SHAREDFOLDER with the name of the shared folder you will be keeeping the DAT files in.

That file covered NetShield users AND ViruScan users (I had both in my environment).
Make the REGfile, and place it in the Netlogon share of your Windows domain controller (or in the Sysvol if you are running Win2K with AD).
In the logon scripts for the users, put in:


That is it. That will change it to pull from the \\MACHINENAME\SHAREDFOLDER location you specify.

It was fun to do it this way, and a whole lot easier than walking to all of the machines!

hope this helps

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McAffee antivirus 4.xx

by chriske911 In reply to McAffee antivirus 4.xx

like I wrote:
I am in a workgroup, not a domain so logon scripts is a no go
if I turn this workgroup in a domain I certainly can use your solution but rigt now this is not possible

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McAffee antivirus 4.xx

by pierrejamme In reply to McAffee antivirus 4.xx

McAfee has E-Policy Orchestrator for disseminating DAT and Engine updates, running scans (which users won't do without being forced), it is an integral part of Active Virus Defense. We use it on 70 plus Win98/WINNT$/Windows2000 workstations. Difficult to set up, but a breeze after doing so.

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